Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Oh dear, yet again I have been neglecting my and other people's blogs and I have no excuse. Please forgive me for not visiting you as regularly as I should but I do enjoy reading all your lovely posts.
I spent Bank Holiday weekend staying down in Cornwall again and visited four car boots and an antiques fair in three days. Needless to say I came home with the car packed up with lots of treasures, some for me and some for the website. I loved these storage jars and they now sit proudly in my kitchen.
I think they are for coffee, semolina, sugar and rice but if anyone knows I am wrong please correct me. You could say I am a 'zucker' for anything a bit different! I also treated myself to two handbags both very different from each other.

The black one on the right is tiny and just large enough for a mobile phone and lipstick. I don't know when I will use it but I just had to have it. The snakeskin one only cost a £1 (ok, I know I shouldn't buy snakeskin but it has been dead a long time).

I also found this item which was sold to me as an East European cheese bucket - wrong! It is, in fact, an early 19th century flour barrel. Much as I would like to keep this too I have decided to put it for sale instead.

Between all the antique hunting we did have time for visiting some tourist attractions. I can't go to north Cornwall without visiting Padstow but, as you can imagine, it was very busy.

We also went to Pencarrow House.

I have lovely memories of visiting here when my daughter was very little and she adored playing in this wendy house.

I am off to France next week on a holiday/buying trip so if anyone knows of any good brocantes in the Dordogne area please do let me know.


  1. Hello! So good to visit you again. I love hearing about your "boot" sales you girls go to...it is funny to us Americans to hear the term boot used for "trunk" as we call it! lol

    Have a wonderful trip to France! Heather

  2. Bon voyage! Sounds like you had a great time in Cornwall, love those storage jars.
    Ki mx

  3. Hello I just found your smashing blog.Sat Myself down to read it with a nice cup of tea. How I envy your visit to Cornwall I just really love it there, you had some great buys to. Lovely xx

  4. wow, thats alot of bargain hunting in one go! I love those storage jars, I have seen similar at antique fairs but they are always to expensive!!

    As for my bootsale technique, I have become quite calm and collected, I do tend to take my time and have a good browse...That all changes when I go to the Shepton mallet flea market though, then I run around like a maniac, panicking that I'm going to miss something!:)

    Jennifer x

  5. Oh, you are going to france? Oh, how wonderful! You are a bussy girl theses days :) Loved the little flour barrel you found. I have heard so much about cornwall, how beautiful it is there.
    Have a safe trip! Aina

  6. Bon Voyage have a lovely holiday.

  7. Pencarrow House is lovely, for some reason it made me think of Nancherrow,the house in the series 'Coming Home' with Joanna Lumley that was on TV a few years ago. Have a good and successful time in France.

  8. That small black handbag looks lovely :)

  9. Thank goodness for you British ladies and your blogs... I live vicariously through you, you know! It's been 14 years since I've been to England, and I am getting very antsy to go back.

    Congratulations on your friend's wedding, too! =)