Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Boxing Day

A beautiful walk along the River Hamble Estuary on Boxing Day.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

While Shepherds Watched

Christmas is always a time for thinking back and remembering our childhood Christmases and, as we get older our children's Christmases too.

Much of my childhood and my daughter's childhood was spent in Cornwall and I just loved the Cornish carols composed by Thomas Merritt sung by the choirs and played by the village bands. I have searched YouTube to find any but this is all I can find - a version of While Shepherds Watched....

Back in 1988 when my daughter was four and at infant's school she wasn't allowed to take part in the nativity because she wanted to be a shepherd, not an angel and was told that girls are angels, boys are shepherds. I can still see her face as she sat on the teacher's knee watching but not taking part. May be it should be 'While a would-be Shepherd Watched'!

I hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Presenting Christmas Presents

I don't have that many Christmas presents to buy (very small family) but I do like wrapping the few I do buy.

They look really nice displayed in this old trug (I have more for sale on my website if you are interested).

I love cyclamen and it is so lovely to see growing flowers and bulbs at this time of year when everything is dying outside in the garden.

I've also been buying eucalyptus for Christmas displays. We used to have a large tree at our old home but this year I've had to buy sprigs from the local florist.

Other greenery has been collected from the garden ready to be displayed, perhaps in a wreath.

I don't know the name of this shrub (perhaps you can tell me) but it looks pretty in this enamel jug.

I bought this crown from an antiques fair last year (though it isn't old). Does anyone know where I can buy more? I have searched everywhere to no avail.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


I have blogged about this poem before when I bought the picture but it is several years ago and I love it so much I thought I would share it again especially as I have now put it another frame and hung it on the wall. It was written by Wilbur D Nesbit (1871 - 1927) and it obviously has the similarity to Kipling's 'If' poem written in 1895 about Man. I have copied the poem below and would be interested to hear what you think.

If you can smile, and share another’s gladness
Though yours may be denied, and still rejoice;
If you can bravely face regret and sadness
And let no bitter accent tinge your voice;
If you are free from bias and fault-finding
And make your creed the olden Golden Rule;
With neither fear nor doubt your vision blinding,
Can live each day serene, and sweet, and cool –

If you can bar out envy from your spirit
And keep the little jealousies away;
If when some gossip starts, you do not hear it
Unless at once you rise and ask fair play;
If you can let good sense determine pleasure,
Can look upon yourself with honest eyes;
If you can give your full friendship in full measure,
And find your life the stronger for its ties.
If you can desire below your duty
And find in work and study much of joy;
If you can turn from artificial beauty
To that real charm which never needs alloy;
If you can help where you know help is needed,
And even make your silence sympathize;
If you can let unkindness go unheeded,
And always see God’s sunshine in the skies –

If you can fill your soul with gentle kindness,
And hold your faith no matter what may come,
Let neither greed nor pride blight you with blindness,
Nor self-love all your finer motives numb;
If you can love, and hope with rare believing,
Can shun the dross, and ever seek the worth,
Then you will find life’s fabric you are weaving
Means Womanhood – God’s greatest gift to earth.