Monday, 30 July 2007

Stained Glass Lamps

I have this lampshade hanging in my hall and so many people admire it and ask me where I got it from. I've had it years, I found it in a charity shop and paid £4 for it. Just by chance I found a similar one on ebay and, because it was for sale only a few miles away, I collected it yesterday. I love this one too. Oh dear, that's another thing that I'm going to keep and not put on the website! This buying and selling business is great - I find so many nice things for me!

I don't know where I'm going to put it but it looks really nice with night lights inside so it could be a posh barbecue lamp.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Favourite Things

As I see so many lovely things on other people's blogs I thought I would periodically post some of mine on here. I have had this beautiful dairy jug for as long as we have been married. I just love it especially the crude way it has been repaired. Of course this would have been done before the days of Superglue but I have seen neater rivetting. It is a lovely buttermilk colour and is very heavy when filled with liquid necessitating a handle on both sides. (I have had to put these lilies in the conservatory as the scent is so strong and hubby doesn't like it!)

This 'bust' is not antique- we bought it about 30 years ago when we were first married. I named her 'Rosie' but then I went on to have a daughter called Rosie so this one is now 'Rosie Mk 1'. I swear her expressions change from day to day!

It wasn't until quite recently that I found out that it is a copy of Rodin's sculpture of Rose Beuret.

I have photographed my next 3 favourties possessions together as this is how they are displayed on my mantlepiece. The Victorian shell purse was given to me when I was ten years old and I have always treasured it. The picture is a gold and silver embroidery of squirrels which my mother gave to me many years ago and the boy with the basket of flowers is something she had in her antique shop about 25 years ago and I just had to have. Again I love the rich creamy colour this has acquired over the years.

Sometimes I do get 'writer's block' and wonder what on earth I can write about on here so whenever this happens I can now post more of my 'favourite things'.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

It's been a long time....

I realise it is a whole month since I last posted on my blog. I really don't know how some people manage to write so frequently, some even every day!

I was asked by a very good customer of mine if I was going to write about my lunch and barbecue evening I hosted for Breast Cancer yesterday so I've been motivated to get blogging again! Unfortunately I was so busy running round serving food and drinks, packing food into the fridge then getting it out again as people all arrived at different times that I completely forget to take any photos until everyone was leaving. Her are the few that I took.

I tried to have a mostly pink theme and a good friend of mine came and decorated the garden. I made the bunting and she made these lovely green bows so between us we made this old parasol look very pretty. The weather was very kind - we had no rain and at one point people were applying sun screen! We were even able to sit outside until late last night. I think the mosquitos were feasting on me judging by the number of bites I have. A good time was had by all and we raised some money for a very worthy cause.

Since I last posted my son has turned 18. We had a lovely family meal out together but I wasn't allowed to take any photos because he had 2 spots and had run out of hair gel! Here, though, is a photo of him and my only aunt who, sadly, died the next day.

We went to York to her funeral. It's the first humanist funeral I have been to but it was 'lovely'. The only people who spoke were those who had known her for a very long time. The music was supplied by a pianist whom my cousin had seen busking in York and had asked to come along and play music my aunt had liked. She had a wicker coffin and we followed a Salvation Army trombonist to the grave and the only flowers were garden flowers from mourners' own gardens. The whole funeral took a lot of organising by my cousins, it wasn't just like asking a vicar to oblige, and I am sure my aunt would have approved. When her two children got up to speak it was very moving.

We have put our house on the market as we have seen another we want to buy so I'm busy keeping the house in a constant state of perfect tidiness and cleanliness but I will post another blog very soon.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with plenty of sunshine.