Thursday, 4 September 2008

Autumn Break

I have been seriously neglecting my blog and have such a lot of catching up on reading my favourite blogs too. Life is just so busy lately, I've decided to take a little break (apart from the one I seem to have just taken!) and will return later in the autumn.

I haven't really had time to do much to the house lately either. The website is very busy and I am selling a lot of linens so there is plenty of washing and ironing going on in this house recently. We are in the midst of getting quotes for building work - we want to knock three rooms into one to make a huge living kitchen and open all the back up to glass doors. It will be lovely when it's done but before that is all the upheaval and dust etc. etc.
We celebrated our pearl wedding anniversary last month and I had this lovely American 19th century framed baby's cap instead of pearls.

I just love it, the detail in the stitching is just amazing. We bought it at Goodwood Antiques Fair and it turned out that the lady from whom we bought it is the same person we bought these shoes from a couple of years ago, such a coincidence. She has a lovely antique shop in Petworth.

See you again later in the year. xx