Sunday, 7 June 2009

Days Out

Last weekend we spent a lovely day on the Isle of Wight. I have always wanted to visit Osborne House where Queen Victoria holidayed but have just never got round to it. It was a beautiful day and the sea was very calm (I suffer from sea sickness just standing on a jetty waiting for the ferry usually!)

Our local pub where we live is called the Osborne View (because you can see Osborne House from it) so this is the view back to where we live on the mainland.

This is the bathing machine which the queen used when swimming. She was carried out into the sea in this so that she could keep her modesty and not been seen in her swimming apparel.

Because no cameras are allowed in any of the buildings I could only take photos of these which were in the restaurant. I love these shoes and the garden implements used by the children.

The gardens were beautiful. I particularly liked these foxgloves in the walled garden and these geraniums in the greenhouses.

We also went to Freshwater Bay and walked to this monument to Tennyson. Apparently he lived here and used to walk up to the top of this hill every day.

He was obviously very fit - it was a long walk up there!

The monument was erected by the British and American people. Towards evening we went to Yarmouth and came across a festival there with lots of stalls and a real carnival atmosphere. All the boats were decorated with lots of flags.

On Friday I went to Stansted Garden show which was fantastic. There was so much to look at (and buy). Apart from almost every plant you can think of (and at very reasonable prices) there was lots of gardenalia to look at and stalls selling other vintage items. I am definitely considering having a pitch there next year.

This was my favourite stall and I bought this plant support from them.

I bought a vintage fork and spade from this lady though there was a lot more I'd have like to have bought from her.

I also wanted this dovecote and this bronze water feature.

Here's a novel plant container!

I particularly like these driftwood 'bullrushes' too.