Saturday, 25 July 2009

Brighton & Edward Hopper

This weekend we went to Brighton. My art group (it sounds very grand, it isn't!) had been studying Edward Hopper and there was an exhibition called the 'American Scene' at the Royal Pavilion. This is my favourite painting by Hopper.

It was very interesting and we also had a look around the museum there. I loved this art deco serviette holder
and this handkerchief vase.

Unfortunately, most of the photos I took didn't come out well because of the reflection of the glass cases. There were a lot of fashion exhibits. This dress was worn by a herb thrower at George IV's coronation.
Not a good photo but this dress was stunning.

I had some platform boots just like these but mine were maroon. I wish I'd kept them.

I had to take a photo of a Mod's scooter since were in Brighton.

We were lucky with the weather. It was a beautifully sunny day and everyone was out making the most of it.

The cafe on the beach here was called 'Oh So Social'!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Stock

Oh dear, it's raining yet again and it's not exactly warm either. Never mind, I shall be sitting at my computer all day listing a lot of new stock onto the website. I have previously been listing lots of French linens. I just love these monogrammed sheets.

Today I am listing mostly kitchenalia, particularly enamelware. I love these storage jars and this pretty wash basin.

Of course I have to keep something for myself too, I can't sell everything. This torchon holder matches my allumette tin exactly.

I like the colour of this enamel bowl too but my kitchen isn't green. Never mind it matches the tea towel!

I think my favourite Farrow & Ball shade is French Grey; I would almost paint everything in it. This basket has had the F & B treatment.

After all that hard work I shall reward myself with a slice of Victoria Sandwich.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Back Again

It has been so long since I last posted and I have been sadly lacking in the 'leaving comments on other people's blogs' department too. I think we all have phases like this when life is just so busy and blogging comes way down the list.

One excuse is that we have been on holiday to France. Our first stop was at a the Mont Royal Chateau, Chantilly which was just wonderful. Our room was the top one on the left of the photo with a balcony.

We visited Chantilly Castle which had so many treasures to look at.
Did you know Chantilly lace is always black?

We also stayed with friends near Toulouse and relatives in Brittany. I did manage to do some buying, mostly linens but couldn't believe the high prices of everything - higher than we actually sell on the website! I was thrilled to find a monogrammed sheet with my initials 'RT'. But I shall have to completely redecorate the bedroom to match it!

On the way back to the ferry at Le Havre we visited Omaha beach, the museum and cemetery. Sadly we didn't have enough time and plan to revisit very soon. There are 9387 graves here, row upon row upon row of white crosses and stars of David. 3881 soldiers died at Omaha beach. Some graves had pebbles on them - does anyone know why? My guess is that each pebble represents a relative who has visited a particular grave.