Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Fabric Covered Coat Hanger Tutorial

Are you like me and hate it when clothes slip off wooden and plastic coat hangers on to the floor?  Of course, you can always use the ribbons that are sewn into the shoulders to keep items on the hangers in the shops but these have an awful habit of poking out when you are wearing an item.  So....since I love padded coat hangers and I have a lot of old wooden hangers I thought I would save some money and cover these myself rather than buy new ones.

Here is what you do....

You will need

A wooden coat hanger
A piece of fabric 60 cms long by 14 cms wide.  (I used a pretty vintage paisley fabric which was once an eiderdown cover)
Polyester wadding, approx the length of your hanger + 4 cms by approx 26 cms (I used the sort that is for lining curtains, the thickest you can buy, which is about £3 a metre)

Fold the polyester wadding around the hanger (cut a hole for the metal hook) enough times to make the required amount of padding.  Sew this together by hand, turning in the short ends (this can be very large stitches as they won't show and are only required to keep the padding in place).

Fold the fabric in half. widthways, right sides together.  Mark where the middle (30 cms ) is with a pin.

Sew both the short edges, up to the middle mark on the long edge and 2 cms from the end on the other long edge.  Turn the fabric the right side out.

Slot the fabric over both the ends.  The sewn edge will be on the top edge of the hanger.  I have allowed enough fabric for there to be some gathering.  Pin the long edge of the fabric which needs to be sewn together and hand sew with small, neat overstitches.

Admire your handiwork and add a co-ordinating lavender heart if you wish.

Back to Blogging

The 1st of January is the perfect day to revive my blog writing and I can tick off one of my New Year resolutions too!  I can hardly believe it is 18 months since I last wrote a blog post!  What was intended to be a short break has materialised into more of a protracted hibernation.

Originally my blog was for showcasing what I had for sale on my website with bits of my life intertwined with other vintagey things and the occasional recipe.  Now I want my blog to have more variety and I would like to feature fashion for the more mature lady as well as all the previous subjects.

So, for now, wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2015 to follow.