Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Here, There and Everywhere

I have copied Lucy Locket and Sophie Honeysuckle and put some music on my blog. I hope you like some of my choices and I shall be adding more. A lot of my favourites weren't available when I searched on the playlist which is a shame but I am going to copy Lucy Locket again and put a link to youtube. Here, There and Everywhere by Emmylou Harris is one of my all time favourites, it would definitely feature in my top ten and I think the photography in this video is just so beautiful. Hope you enjoy it too.

I am off to Cornwall for a few days over the Bank Holiday. There is an antiques fair at Wadebridge on Friday so I'm looking forward to doing some buying there.

Let's hope the sun shines for us all, Surely it can't rain forever.....

Saturday, 11 August 2007


After our picnic in the New Forest last weekend it seems to have been a picnicky sort of week. Jane (business partner and good friend) and I bought this picnic basket this week. We both love it but resisted the temptation to use it when we had a picnic and beach barbecue last night as it is now on our website. It was the last night of Cowes which is always celebrated with a firework display so we packed our things up and sat on the beach with our wine whilst the men cooked. It was lovely and such a warm evening.

I'd already been out to lunch at the pub just further along the beach at my Reader's Group meeting so the diet wasn't stuck to yesterday! I've lost 18 lbs and only want to lose a couple more but these seem to be the hardest to shift. We discussed 'Hard Times' by Dickens and 'My Cousin Rachel' by Daphne du Maurier which we'd read recently. Next we are going to read 'Gentlemen and Players' by Joanne Harris - has anyone read it?

Tomorrow is our 29th wedding anniversary so that's another picnic or pub lunch (and gained lbs) but we must make the most of this brief summer we are having while it lasts. Have a lovely Sunday probably car booting which is where most vintage bloggers will be.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

New Forest

It was such a lovely weekend so hubby and I decided to go to the New Forest for the day on Saturday. We took a picnic and a bottle of nicely chilled wine and sat at the edge of the creek in Beaulieu. Later we went to Brockenhurst and I had to photograph these New Forest ponies.

This cow was ambling along - he did own the road and was holding up all the traffic. If you've never been to the New Forest, ponies, cows and sheep regularly roam through the villages and roads.
On the way home I spied two antique shops and had to stop and browse. I didn't come away empty handed!

After all those wet Sunday mornings it was great to go car booting in the sunshine. I have never seen so many stalls at our local one and managed to find some nice things so some of these along with my New Forest purchases are now on my website.

My best find was a souvenir cup of St Enedoc church near Padstow (where John Betjeman is buried) which I visited with my mother and daughter recently at Easter. I don't know how to link to a previous post (perhaps someone could let me know) so also here is the photo I took of it then. My mum will love this cup.

I must just mention that is my daughter's 23rd birthday today. It is the first one that we have spent apart as she is on holiday in Budapest. I'm really missing her but at 9.30 pm I'll toast a glass of bubbly to her and remember this moment all those years ago.