Tuesday, 7 August 2007

New Forest

It was such a lovely weekend so hubby and I decided to go to the New Forest for the day on Saturday. We took a picnic and a bottle of nicely chilled wine and sat at the edge of the creek in Beaulieu. Later we went to Brockenhurst and I had to photograph these New Forest ponies.

This cow was ambling along - he did own the road and was holding up all the traffic. If you've never been to the New Forest, ponies, cows and sheep regularly roam through the villages and roads.
On the way home I spied two antique shops and had to stop and browse. I didn't come away empty handed!

After all those wet Sunday mornings it was great to go car booting in the sunshine. I have never seen so many stalls at our local one and managed to find some nice things so some of these along with my New Forest purchases are now on my website.

My best find was a souvenir cup of St Enedoc church near Padstow (where John Betjeman is buried) which I visited with my mother and daughter recently at Easter. I don't know how to link to a previous post (perhaps someone could let me know) so also here is the photo I took of it then. My mum will love this cup.

I must just mention that is my daughter's 23rd birthday today. It is the first one that we have spent apart as she is on holiday in Budapest. I'm really missing her but at 9.30 pm I'll toast a glass of bubbly to her and remember this moment all those years ago.


  1. Perfect weekend, and some lovely pics. It was good to get to car boot sales at the weekend after the recent rain wasn't it? I love the photo of you with your newborn daughter, you have the dazed look of a woman who's just experienced childbirth and she looks sooo cute peeping out from the blanket!

  2. Just love the photos, and glad you are getting some sunshine on your side of the world!
    I had to comment on the dawdling cow, just love them, I wish we had them just roaming the streets....
    I agree with Gill, you have that look of a true survivor, on your face, magical.

  3. Hi Ruth

    The weather's been great just lately, hasn't it? Mind you, aren't we overdue for it?!

    I must pop along and have a look at your website - sounds like you had a good buying trip - ostensibly a day out of course!!! Mind you, when you enjoy what you do it makes it a bonus to have a day out and buy for the website!

    You look so like my sister in that photo - just as she did about the same year with her daughter!

    Look forward to catching up soon!

    Clare x

  4. Awwwww....wasn't she the prettiest baby! They do grow up fast, don't they?

  5. Maronne,

    What a DELICIOUS looking baby she was!! My goodness, and I thought MINE were adorable!!

  6. Lovely.........it brings back memories...
    Carol x