Monday, 30 July 2007

Stained Glass Lamps

I have this lampshade hanging in my hall and so many people admire it and ask me where I got it from. I've had it years, I found it in a charity shop and paid £4 for it. Just by chance I found a similar one on ebay and, because it was for sale only a few miles away, I collected it yesterday. I love this one too. Oh dear, that's another thing that I'm going to keep and not put on the website! This buying and selling business is great - I find so many nice things for me!

I don't know where I'm going to put it but it looks really nice with night lights inside so it could be a posh barbecue lamp.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    A posh barbecue lamp sounds like a good idea!

    I was just catching up on your recent posts - my husband also hates the smell of lilies! We stayed at a lovely hotel in Brighton a few years ago and there was a gorgeous (and huge) display of lilies in a vase on the mantelpiece. Mike ended up putting them in the shower cubicle and closing the door because he couldn't stand the strong fragrance!!!

    Speak soon!

    Clare x

  2. Oh so pleased to find someone else who buys things for themselves as well as to sell, sometimes it can be hard to decide what not to keep for yourself can't it?

  3. Hello - those lamps are gorgeous. A very posh barbecue lamp indeed! I bet they're both beautiful with light shining through them. Also love the dairy jug in the post below, it's simplicity and colour are beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.
    Kim x

  4. Both are lovely but I would particularly like the hall one in my house!
    When I came home from hospital after a lung op there were 16 bouquets in our living room, most of them were lillies and I had to have them removed for fear of sneezing!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. buttercup&roses7 August 2007 at 15:55

    £4.00 for that lamp, what a bargain!
    I also find it so difficult to part with certain things, glad im not the only one!


  6. wow that is beautiful! I love the way light shines through colored glass