Friday, 15 June 2007

Jane Austen's House

On Wednesday I went with my reader's group to Jane Austen's House at Chawton as it isn't too far away. I have been before many years ago but a return visit was just as enjoyable as I had forgotten many of the things I had previously seen (my age I think!). Photography inside was not allowed so I bought some postcards and will share these and some of my outdoor photos with you. On the right side of this picture is the table which Jane sat at to write. The next picture is her bedroom which she shared with her sister.

This patchwork quilt was sewn by Jane, Cassandra and their mother in 1811. For all you quilters it is English Medallion pattern.

The next photos are of a bracelet and topaz crosses given to her by her brother Charles and a pelisse (silk frock coat) worn by Jane.

This is the chaise that she and Cassandra used when travelling any distance. Usually they preferred to walk.

It is well worth a visit if you live or are staying near here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with plenty of sunshine!

Monday, 4 June 2007


I love the scent of honeysuckle so decided to pick some and display it on the windowsill of my newly painted bathroom. When I was 14 someone gave me some Diorissimo and a boyfriend said I always smelt like honeysuckle! I have worn it ever since as it has always been my favourite perfume. My grandmother only ever wore Helena Rubinstein's Apple Blossom which, unfortunately, they don't produce anymore. I found this old sample at a car boot.

I should think a lot of us took advantage of the lovely weekend weather and went car booting. I bought 10 copies of '25 Beautiful Homes' and 'Homes and Gardens' for £1 and these 6 pretty pear plates for 40p each.

On Thursday our daughter had an interview to work in the press office where she already works. It's the sort of job she has wanted since leaving university and as she was successful we all went out for lunch at our favourite pub to celebrate. It's an old mill and the ducks and swans were out showing off their ducklings and cygnets.

They were proud of their offspring too!

Friday, 1 June 2007

I have had a very busy day. You know how one job leads to another and another - well, it all started with wanting to give the bathroom a really good clean (bottoming as my grandmother used to call it!). Then I decided that I didn't like the stencils I had painted a while ago anymore so I painted over them and while I was painting over them thought I may as well paint all the walls. While I waited for that to dry to apply a second coat then I thought I might as well paint the kitchen as it is also white and the paint tin was already open. And then, of course, all the kitchenalia and ornaments that had to be moved required washing etc. etc. I think I felt quilty as I have had two days of shopping this week and not for the website but for ME! These are some of my recent purchases. I fell in love with this mirror and had to have it.

I bought this sack trolley on ebay. Apart from being quite useful in the garden it is old and woodwormy and I like it!

This Victorian iron cradle is a project. I need to remove the rust and paint it. I don't want to replace the 'twine' or the canvas base as I still want it to look old but it does need some renovation as you can see.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that the weather is kinder to us than last week so that we can do some car booting. I'm now off to polish my halo and admire my super clean bathroom and kitchen.