Friday, 1 June 2007

I have had a very busy day. You know how one job leads to another and another - well, it all started with wanting to give the bathroom a really good clean (bottoming as my grandmother used to call it!). Then I decided that I didn't like the stencils I had painted a while ago anymore so I painted over them and while I was painting over them thought I may as well paint all the walls. While I waited for that to dry to apply a second coat then I thought I might as well paint the kitchen as it is also white and the paint tin was already open. And then, of course, all the kitchenalia and ornaments that had to be moved required washing etc. etc. I think I felt quilty as I have had two days of shopping this week and not for the website but for ME! These are some of my recent purchases. I fell in love with this mirror and had to have it.

I bought this sack trolley on ebay. Apart from being quite useful in the garden it is old and woodwormy and I like it!

This Victorian iron cradle is a project. I need to remove the rust and paint it. I don't want to replace the 'twine' or the canvas base as I still want it to look old but it does need some renovation as you can see.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that the weather is kinder to us than last week so that we can do some car booting. I'm now off to polish my halo and admire my super clean bathroom and kitchen.


  1. I LOVE the cradle! I saw a similar one but in wicker last week; I only had $6 with me at the time, so I am sure it is long gone by now! =) I can't imagine cleaning a bathroom and ending up painting two rooms! WOW! "You are a real go-getter" as we say here! =) Happy weekend!

  2. Oh how your last sentence made me laugh! I use the same expression of polishing my halo after doing "great deeds". Your finds are wonderful and the "I've got the white paint can opened already" syndrome is also too familiar, after finishing my original paint job I end up walking around the house looking for stuff I could also paint white...

  3. Painted my kitchen last week, all white, and then I painted the tiles and then I painted the melamine cupboards and it is all white and gleaming so today I went out and bought a tin of sunshine yellow paint and paint one, or two walls that colour as I also have some white tiles to lay on the floor and it is all a bit blinding. And my hall is white and looking a bit grubby so while I have the tin open.......

  4. My goodness you have been busy. Always the way when you're painting, one thing leads on to another. Love all your buys, not sure which one is my favourite, cradle, trolley or mirror .... Have a good weekend.

  5. This post did make me laugh! I also have moments that lead on to another, and then another.....
    Lovely mirror, wouldn't mind one like that myself!
    Sandra. x.

  6. Good luck with your cradle. I have one in quite good condition (I was lucky!), so hope yours comes up as well. Love the mirror, too.

    I'm impressed with your day of achieving. Sounds rather like one of mine! Don't you think you get far more done when you're not anticipating doing it?!!

  7. Oh my goodness I love that cradle!!!So so pretty!


  8. Great finds!!! And i love the cradle! I love it all really :)