Monday, 4 June 2007


I love the scent of honeysuckle so decided to pick some and display it on the windowsill of my newly painted bathroom. When I was 14 someone gave me some Diorissimo and a boyfriend said I always smelt like honeysuckle! I have worn it ever since as it has always been my favourite perfume. My grandmother only ever wore Helena Rubinstein's Apple Blossom which, unfortunately, they don't produce anymore. I found this old sample at a car boot.

I should think a lot of us took advantage of the lovely weekend weather and went car booting. I bought 10 copies of '25 Beautiful Homes' and 'Homes and Gardens' for £1 and these 6 pretty pear plates for 40p each.

On Thursday our daughter had an interview to work in the press office where she already works. It's the sort of job she has wanted since leaving university and as she was successful we all went out for lunch at our favourite pub to celebrate. It's an old mill and the ducks and swans were out showing off their ducklings and cygnets.

They were proud of their offspring too!


  1. I Love Diorissimo! It smells like the perfect floral fragrance!

  2. Congratulations to your daughter - you've every right to be proud of her! I've never thought of cutting honeysuckle to bring into the house - I love its scent!
    Kim x

  3. The pear plates are so pretty. I love honeysuckle too, I came across a big wild honeysuckle in the woods yesterday covered in flowers. I have a Japanese honeysuckle in my garden, the flowers are fairly small and yellow and white but the scent is fantastic.

  4. I wear Dioressence and I have never tried Diorissimo, I will have to make a point of doing so as I love the smell of honeysuckle..


  5. Ypur pictures looks so fresh and inviting today :) The colours and the nice summerly feel :) The honeysuckle i can`t remember to have seen, maybe i forgot after living years in a crowded concreat area.. But they looks sooo beautiful in your toilet! You are good in making displays :)
    I wish you a very nice summerday tomorrow, now i will jump to bed. God night!

  6. mmmm can just smell the honeysuckle right now! Lovely pictures and I love the pretty!

  7. Hi Ruth,

    Well done to Rosie on getting her job!I see you've been busy decorating - I have a major decorating project coming up if you're interested?!

    A friend has a beautiful miniature honeysuckle - I can't remember the name but it's adorable!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Clare x

  8. Just popped by to wish you a lovely weekend! Love Aina :)

  9. what great car-boot finds! honeysuckle is so lovely, we have a big bush by our garden gate, mmmm

  10. Oh I love ppink Hoeneysuckle, but mine is yellow oh well lol Your plates with pears on it are gorgeous too! Carol x

  11. Congratulations on your daughter's dream job!

    I just love honeysuckle! We had loads of it growing at our old house. I miss seeing it (and the hummingbirds that were attracted to it)!

  12. What a perfectly lovely windowsill.