Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pousadas and Paintings

I have been neglecting my blog again lately. I could blame it on a long holiday and being away from my computer. Well, we have been away but not for a month! Last week we spent a few days here.
This is the third Pousada we have stayed in. Pousadas are historic buildings in Portugal which have been converted into luxurious hotels whilst retaining much of their original architecture. This was the lounge
and one of the summer houses

Even though it was really warm only these two pigeons were brave enough to venture into the outdoor pool!
Each time I visit Portugal I am amazed at the number of beautiful but derelict houses with 'Vende' just painted on the walls. This was one of them and a peep through the windows revealed the most wonderful tiled floors.

I have been doing lots of buying for and selling on the website lately. These four pictures were bought to sell but have somehow found their way onto my walls!

This is perfect for outside the bathroom

This one is a winner of the Daily Mail International Beauty Competition (no date).

This famous one is G F Watts' Hope which you can read about here. Apparently it is reputed to have been inspirational to Barack Obama which you can read about here.

This one is by one of my favourite artists Jean-Francois Millet and is entitled The Shepherdess.

By the way, is anyone going to, or exhibiting at, the Country Living Spring Fair tomorrow?