Thursday, 24 May 2012

Avington Brocante

Today I went to Avington Brocante and it was wonderful!! The weather could not have been kinder and there were a lot more stalls than when I attended two years ago. There was so much to look at and buy (though I was very restrained).

I met some fellow bloggers - Lizzie, The Washerwoman

and Jo from Hesta and the Pugs

This is her stall and I can just see the two items I bought from her.  A beautiful pair of tiny evening gloves

and a small watering can, just large enough for three pansies.

I also met Ali from Betty and Violet and bought a copy of Jeanne d'arc Living which I have been lusting over for ages but never actually bought one.

I am working on the interior of our summerhouse lately and would love it to look like this!

I also bought an enamel straining spoon and a clematis.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


First of all I must apologise to fellow bloggers if they haven't received a comment from me recently.  I have lost count of the number of times I have commented only to see the whole thing disappear and I can't even re-try.  Even if I log out and log in again the same thing happens.  Blogs which have the double words to prove you aren't a robot also defeat me even though I know I am copying the words correctly.  I feel really bad especially when I do so want to leave a comment.

I have been adding some items to the website over the last few days.  Why are these Allumettes containers so hard to find lately?  This one also has the striker on the top.

A french wine carrier, perfect for displaying candles when you have drunk all the wine!

 A pretty Limoges dish for serving canapes or use on a dressing table perhaps.

Enamel jugs for displaying Spring flowers.

A French towel rail I have painted with Farrow & Ball's French Gray.  I really don't like the orangey varnish which is sometimes used on these items and think it looks much better having received a make-over.

An enamel funnel which can be used as a candle stick or string dispenser (or even a funnel!)

This orange poppy has appeared in our garden, I wonder where from as we haven't planted it.  It is so beautiful with its crumpled petals, and such an unusual colour.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I have spent the last week on holiday near Dublin.  I have never been to southern Ireland before
and what a lovely place it is.  Taking advantage of a shopping trip into Dublin I ventured into Avoca.  Although well known throughout the world they only have shops in Ireland.   It didn't disappoint and I just wanted to buy everything!

This then led to a trip to their mill further south.  It is the oldest working mill in Ireland, founded in 1723.  You are allowed to see the looms working and it is fascinating to look around.  First of all we had lunch, Spinach and Ricotta Strudel with salad

 then had a tour round the mill to see the looms in action.

Old cinema seats.

 I love this chair.

This is one of the older looms

and these are some of the the looms currently in use.

Everywhere is so colourful.

Then to the shop

and this is what I bought.

I can't wait to try some of the recipes in this cookbook.