Thursday, 24 May 2012

Avington Brocante

Today I went to Avington Brocante and it was wonderful!! The weather could not have been kinder and there were a lot more stalls than when I attended two years ago. There was so much to look at and buy (though I was very restrained).

I met some fellow bloggers - Lizzie, The Washerwoman

and Jo from Hesta and the Pugs

This is her stall and I can just see the two items I bought from her.  A beautiful pair of tiny evening gloves

and a small watering can, just large enough for three pansies.

I also met Ali from Betty and Violet and bought a copy of Jeanne d'arc Living which I have been lusting over for ages but never actually bought one.

I am working on the interior of our summerhouse lately and would love it to look like this!

I also bought an enamel straining spoon and a clematis.


  1. I missed you!!! wasn't it lovly you bought those divine gloves. Wish we had met up, I have a stall at the Cuckfield fair Village Vintage on 7th July maybe I could see you there.
    Enjoy the lovely weather

  2. Beautiful could you not want it all , or want to re-do your whole home with all that inspiration!

  3. Hi Ruth
    It was lovely to meet you yesterday, I love meeting up with fellow bloggers. It was the most fabulous day and I didn't get home until eight last night but worth feeling tired for. Glad you like the gloves and the watering can. Hopefully see you at Hartley Wintney in September.
    Jo xx

  4. Oh wow Ruth...wish I had been there, it looked absolutely fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Julie x
    Love the little watering can and enamel straining spoon.

  5. This looks like paradise. How lucky you are and how nice to bump into fellow bloggers.


  6. How interesting! Those gloves are lovely.I remember,as a child,my mother dressing up to go out in the evening and the beautiful gloves she would wear. :0)

  7. Oh my lord that is my idea of heaven, I also loved your post on Avoca such gorgeous shops!


  8. Just wanted to thank you for becoming my newest follower, it's lovely to hear from you.
    Wish I lived closer to that fair, it looks like it was fabulous.
    I look forward to reading through your posts.
    Essie x

  9. Hello Ruth, welcome to my blog, thanks for following me and I will enter you in my Giveaway later today. Your blog is lovely, how did you escape my attention? Hope you're having a fab Jubilee weekend, love from your newest follower, Claire xx

  10. HI Ruth,
    I have found you again through Claire above.
    Your blog was among one of the first ones I used to read as it's soo lovely...
    Have added my self (hope thats ok)
    Wishing you a jubilant weekend!
    Maria x