Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fair Isle Knits

There is an article in this month's Country Living in which a lady 'believes that everyone should be made to wear a Fair isle knit at some point in their life'. Reading this prompted me to dig out a couple of items I made members of my family wear. I knitted this for my husband back in the late 70s. He did wear it but how could he not after I had knitted so much love into every stitch!

I knitted this Fair Isle coat and hat for Rosie when she was about two in 1986.
She did look gorgeous in it but she was always trying to pull the bonnet off, I guess now it may have been itchy as it is pure wool.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I'm going to try very hard not to mention anything about our new house until we have seen the structural survey and know it is definitely going to be ours. I keep feeling so excited and restless and have to control myself just in case.... though that doesn't bear thinking about. I have already started to sort through things and have several piles to be disposed of - papers to be burnt or shredded, bedding to be donated to the RSPCA just down the road, things to be put on the Freecycle website, charity shop donations etc. etc. These are all jobs that can be done regardless but I daren't let myself get carried away; every time I look at a magazine I am imagining what I am going to do to our new home. As soon as I know definitely it is going to be ours I will post some photos.

There is a Wednesday car boot about 15 miles away which keeps going all winter and as it was such a lovely morning I got up early and went along with Jane.

It was strange because you couldn't see any horizon; the sky and sea blended into each other.

I managed to find three more director's chairs to paint and re-upholster and a lovely old wooden crate. Next we went to a salvage yard near Chichester where we bought some nice cast iron shelf brackets. Then we drove to a nearby packaging supplies where we bought a vast amount of bubble wrap, it would hardly go into the car. Lastly we visited Kate Forman's studio near Alfresford. I didn't buy anything but got a sample of the material with which I want to re-upholster the painted chair I recently posted on here.

After all that I am exhausted!

Monday, 18 February 2008


What an exciting weekend! On Saturday we had some new viewers for our house. They walked around and barely made any comments but within 10 minutes of them leaving they had made an offer, we accepted and as they have nowhere to sell they want to be in asap! Fortunately the house we have wanted for ages was still for sale and there is no chain above them either! I am so thrilled! The house we are buying is much older than this house, about 1900 and only a couple of miles away at Lee on the Solent. It's also about 2 minutes walk from the sea which will be lovely. I'm too excited and restless to write any more.......

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day

'The 7 am Boat'
I love this picture, it's another of my favourite things. It reminds me of when my husband was in the navy though we were lucky as he didn't go away too much. I hope you are all having a great Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Customer Service Update

Reading your comments on my last post and those on Lucy Bloom's I'm not the only person to experience bad customer service from Cath Kidston (not her personally, of course!). Yesterday I phoned the company again to ask where my item I ordered in December is and was told it is still on order and will be despatched as soon as their supplies are replenished. I had emailed them too and also received a reply yesterday saying that my order has been cancelled as they are having trouble with their supplier! So I don't know which one is correct. As a 'gesture of goodwill' they have offered me 10 per cent discount + free p&p on my next order (don't think I'll bother, somehow). Lucy has received her little fabric covered set of drawers which is what I also ordered and I am so jealous! Never mind, these came from Amazon today.

Another book from Ryland, Peters & Small to add to my growing collection. I just love all these books. Also Agnes Grey which is on my Reader's Group's list and I have never read so I'm looking forward to starting that. Amazon email you to let you know when your parcel has been despatched which is useful to know when it will arrive (perhaps CK should take a leaf out of their book - excuse the pun!).

I have done another makeover, on a stool this time. I forgot to take a 'before' photo but here is the 'after'. It matches a chair I showed in a previous post.