Monday, 18 February 2008


What an exciting weekend! On Saturday we had some new viewers for our house. They walked around and barely made any comments but within 10 minutes of them leaving they had made an offer, we accepted and as they have nowhere to sell they want to be in asap! Fortunately the house we have wanted for ages was still for sale and there is no chain above them either! I am so thrilled! The house we are buying is much older than this house, about 1900 and only a couple of miles away at Lee on the Solent. It's also about 2 minutes walk from the sea which will be lovely. I'm too excited and restless to write any more.......


  1. Ooh, sounds old house near the sea.That is my dream - to live near the sea, or at least have a view.
    I grew up in South Africa, the sea was always part of my life, and I feel there is something missing without it nearby.
    all the best

  2. I must have missed something, I didn't know you were thinking of moving. The house you are wanting sounds lovely and great news that you have sold yours. x

  3. Brilliant news, fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for exciting to be moving near the sea, you won't be able to relax now until you move in!

  4. How very exciting! and it's always so fun to decorate a "new" space! Congrats! :)

  5. Oh how exciting to be moving, hope all goes well for you. I'll bet you're already mentally decorating your new home!
    Lucy x

  6. Brilliant news, Ruth. And you lucky girl to be going to live so close to the sea. Totally envious!!

    Hope everything goes through OK - it sounds as if it should.

    Sue x

  7. What fantastic news! i'm so happy for you and can't wait for you to post pictures of your new home and how your going to decorate and what will go where and oooh now i'm excited lol.
    Love Kristina XxX

  8. Havent checked my blog for ages as I am not on the bloomin internet yet after 5 weeks! Be warned - so glad to hear your good news - we freecycled 4 directors chairs - pity you live so far away! Cant post pix yet as can only have a quick read of others blogs at work - in fact not sure where the camera is!. Advice -get rid this side of the move rather than when you get there - I tried hard before but had to let go of so much when we got there. Mind oyu I dont think you are downsizing are you are you?? Good luck with solicitors!