Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I'm going to try very hard not to mention anything about our new house until we have seen the structural survey and know it is definitely going to be ours. I keep feeling so excited and restless and have to control myself just in case.... though that doesn't bear thinking about. I have already started to sort through things and have several piles to be disposed of - papers to be burnt or shredded, bedding to be donated to the RSPCA just down the road, things to be put on the Freecycle website, charity shop donations etc. etc. These are all jobs that can be done regardless but I daren't let myself get carried away; every time I look at a magazine I am imagining what I am going to do to our new home. As soon as I know definitely it is going to be ours I will post some photos.

There is a Wednesday car boot about 15 miles away which keeps going all winter and as it was such a lovely morning I got up early and went along with Jane.

It was strange because you couldn't see any horizon; the sky and sea blended into each other.

I managed to find three more director's chairs to paint and re-upholster and a lovely old wooden crate. Next we went to a salvage yard near Chichester where we bought some nice cast iron shelf brackets. Then we drove to a nearby packaging supplies where we bought a vast amount of bubble wrap, it would hardly go into the car. Lastly we visited Kate Forman's studio near Alfresford. I didn't buy anything but got a sample of the material with which I want to re-upholster the painted chair I recently posted on here.

After all that I am exhausted!


  1. Moving house. I love it. No i'm serious; you clear out lots of unwanted stuff (careful there though, i've regretted some of that), clear the desks and for months afterwards you discover little quirks about your new home. It's hard work i know, but so exciting. I do hope you get it and can't wait for the photos.
    Chichester brings back memories, i used to shop there. I lived in Goodwood House for a while and have so many happy memories. You can search my blog for my Goodwood posts. I envy you this move, i do! Roll on those photos and my fingers are crossed.

  2. clear the decks not desks! I should proof-read.

  3. Fingers crossed for you Ruth, It is such a stressful time and you don't really relax until the keys are in your hand. Take care, glad you found time to do some retail therapy and a sort out which always helps! Take care

  4. I have been doing the same thing this week, making a start on my de-cluttering, something I have been planning for months. The first job was sorting through a month's worth of junk mail and freebie papers, imagine that? I plan to get up in the loft eventually, although downstairs I have already found enough to fill up a Heart Foundation sack. What a strange photo, very odd not to see sea next to the shingle? Perfect buys for you at the boot sale, I look forward to marvelling at the finished products. I shall keep everything crossed for you. x

  5. *Fingers crossed regarding the house*
    What a wonderful setting for a carboot, I bet it was freezing though!!
    Kate foremans studio, I would absolutly love to go there.
    Jen x

  6. I should think you are exhausted! It's very hard work moving house...not that I've much experience...we haven't moved for years. It does give a chance to clear out though and to plan new projects. Very exciting. Hope it goes well for you.
    Margaret and Noreen

  7. Sounds like a great way to spend a WEdnesday. Hope the survey goes well.

  8. Aw the suspense is driving me mad! ... ?

  9. I bet you feel like your in limbo land at the moment! Fingers crossed for you that all goes well.

  10. Hi Ruth, thank you for your well wishes, this cold is a lingerer, unfortunately. Ooh, I'd love to visit Kate Forman's depot, she has such lovely things. Strange she doesn't have such a high profile as CK, or not that I can see, anyway, I much prefer her stuff.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Lucy x