Saturday, 30 July 2011


I have spent the last week trying to 'get round' to doing things I keep putting off.  I love making lists and, even more, like crossing things off as done!

I bought this Lloyd Loom chair eons ago and thought it would be ideal for the new summerhouse.  So I painted it Farrow & Ball's 'Green Blue' (what an uninspiring name but you do know what you are getting!).  The seat was not to my liking (shock, horror from all retro lovers!) so I covered it and made a cushion (those same retro aficionados will consider this sacrilige!)

I have also had this French hip bath for ages too.  I couldn't decide whether to leave it red but armed with a huge bottle of paint stripper and the pressure washer (and a husband standing close by itching to help!) decided to take it back to zinc.  I'm really pleased with the result and even though some stubborn red paint remains along the base I think it is definitely an improvement.  I have situated it by the kitchen doors and filled it with lavender, lemon thyme and rosemary.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, enjoying the sunshine.  I am off down to Cornwall to visit my mum again next week.  She is still in hospital which is now 11 weeks.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sweet Peas

According to last week's Gardener's World we must pick all the sweet peas every 10 days to keep the plants flowering.  So now my plants in the garden are looking slightly bare for a few days but the scent in the house is wonderful.

I recently bought this florist's bucket and will soon be listing it on my website.

But I'll be keeping this other bucket for myself.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Pretty enamel

Regular visitors to my website will have noticed how much I like enamelware by how much I have for sale.  I particularly like pretty enamelware because it seems kind of contradictory.  Enamel utensils are essentially utilitarian so to make them pretty and appealing seems strange.  Pink is an unusual colour for vintage enamel too.  Below are photos of some pink enamelware I currently have for sale

and floral enamelware which has recently sold

Do you like enamel and, if so, which is your favourite colour?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hare's looking at you!

Just a quick post of the hare my husband made at his ceramics class.  I love him!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Shed, Summerhouse or Studio?

Back in April we had the ultimate in flat pack delivered - hundreds of pieces of wood and thousands of screws and nails.  Rather than pay £800 to have it 'made' we deided to do it ourselves (I say we but there wasn't much input from me!).  This is it half built, viewed from my office window.

Here it is now, all finished and painted.
Now the fun starts as I plan how to furnish the interior.  I'll post photos when I have done this.

I am loving all the sweet peas in the garden at the moment and the scent from the ones I have brought indoors is gorgeous.