Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cardigan Makeover

A while ago whilst out shopping I spied the most lovely cardigan; I fell in love with it but didn't like the price tag.  So I talked myself out of buying it.  Did I really need yet another cardigan as I have so many?  But it was so lovely with a pretty voile lining that hung below the hem and bobbles hanging from this.  The next day my dear hubby persuaded me to go and get it (I didn't need much persuasion) but the one in my size was  rubbed under the arms.  When I mentioned this to the assistant and suggested someone had worn it and brought it back she dismissed this (the very thought!) and explained that it had probably got like that whilst on a mannequin!!  Well, I like value for money and, though disappointed, decided that if it looked like that before it had left the shop then it wasn't for me, especially at that price.

But I couldn't get it out of my head and decided to try to makeover a cardigan in a similar style.  Not knowing how it would turn out I bought a cardigan from Primark for £6, yes £6!  Crazy price, how do they do it?  Then to John Lewis for some voile and trimming.

Some spotted voile was half price so I bought half a metre for £2.50 though I didn't need this much and the trim cost £4.50.  So here is the finished result with a new set of silver buttons I already had.  Ok, it's not exactly like the other one but costing a tenth of the price at  £13 I am quite pleased!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stansted Garden Show

On Friday I braved the weather and went to Stansted Garden Show, an annual excursion I always look forward to.

I came home with some nice items but, as usual, more will find their way into my home than onto the website!  I have several of these rusty 'obelisks' dotted around the garden and they look lovely grouped together supporting climbing roses and honeysuckle etc.  I shall also keep the screen for myself as it will make a great backing for photos.  I'm not keen on the brown colour but, at the same time, don't want to cover it with new paint.

I loved this living willow 'gazebo'.

I bought my husband this beet fork (such a romantic present!).  It will go with some other vintage tools we have in the kitchen and it bears his initial on the handle.

As well as lots of plants, vintagey and craft stalls there are lots of exhibitors eager for you to try their homemade foods.  I came home with the most delicious basil and tomato cheese and rose petal jam ( I am a fan of jam and cheese together on crusty bread but think I would draw the line at a mixture of these flavours!)

Last week I went to an antiques centre and bought myself this beautiful copper saucepan.  It is a very unusual shape being oval

and an old advertisement for Newcastle Brown.


 able to make lots of these, modifying the shape and using different glazes. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A beautiful garden

Staying on the gardens theme, I visited a friend's garden yesterday and it is quite frankly the loveliest garden I have ever seen; I would love my own garden to be like her's.  This is quite impossible as hers is very long and narrow and mine is wide and short.  Plus it does help that she is a professional gardener and ceramicist so has both an artist's and a gardener's eye for what looks good.

This gate draws you in and the garden has so many little areas it is as if you are discovering  a secret garden all for yourself for the very first time!

The plants in this lady's garden are amazing but it was the quirky vintagey items which caught my eye and had to be photographed.  Perhaps some of the gardenalia on my website will now be sold to me!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


With the atrocious weather we have been having I didn't feel at all guilty watching the Jubilee celebrations on TV yesterday.  In between the showers, though, I did manage to take a few photos of the flowers in the garden.  The roses have suddenly burst into bloom and this one has the most amazing scent.

Considering mauve and purple are two of my least favourite colours we do seem to have an abundance of flowers in these colours in the garden.

The flag irises are flowering in the pond and I have never seen a white one with the delicate speckling of purple on its petals before

 as yellow is the usual colour.

And finally a dragonfly.