Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stansted Garden Show

On Friday I braved the weather and went to Stansted Garden Show, an annual excursion I always look forward to.

I came home with some nice items but, as usual, more will find their way into my home than onto the website!  I have several of these rusty 'obelisks' dotted around the garden and they look lovely grouped together supporting climbing roses and honeysuckle etc.  I shall also keep the screen for myself as it will make a great backing for photos.  I'm not keen on the brown colour but, at the same time, don't want to cover it with new paint.

I loved this living willow 'gazebo'.

I bought my husband this beet fork (such a romantic present!).  It will go with some other vintage tools we have in the kitchen and it bears his initial on the handle.

As well as lots of plants, vintagey and craft stalls there are lots of exhibitors eager for you to try their homemade foods.  I came home with the most delicious basil and tomato cheese and rose petal jam ( I am a fan of jam and cheese together on crusty bread but think I would draw the line at a mixture of these flavours!)

Last week I went to an antiques centre and bought myself this beautiful copper saucepan.  It is a very unusual shape being oval

and an old advertisement for Newcastle Brown.


 able to make lots of these, modifying the shape and using different glazes. 


  1. That looks lkike a great garden show, in spite of the weather. Some great buys! I love old garden tools - they're very evocative.

  2. It looks like a lovely garden show! Wish we had more of them in Holland. You found some great things!

    Have a lovely evening!


  3. I was there on Friday too! Got soaked within 5 mins of arriving but I just love the show and catching up with friends. I was very good resisting Olive trees for £5 and Figs for £6 I just do not have the room sadly... was very hard though!

  4. Great pictures - I particularly love the obelisks. I really should plan a bit of a day out, it seems to be all work and no play at the moment!

  5. What a great garden show more like a treasure trove of goodies!!

  6. Luvvvvvv! all your wonderful finds. The Garden Show must have been awesome! Wish we had something like that near us. The Willow gazebo is so delightful.

    All great tresors! Thanks for sharing the lovely post & photos.

    Have a sunny day!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  7. Love your blog! Have followed it for some time but buying an enamel jug off you yeaterday prompted me to come back for a catch-up. We obviously have similar tastes, following most of the same blogs!

    Love love love the shutter.... if it IS going to go on your webste, can I have a heads up please!? I have a bit of a passion for them in my house :-D