Monday, 26 March 2012


I'm sure, like me, a lot of you have been gardening over the weekend.  I've been concentrating on the area in front of the summerhouse and intend buying more plants later this week.  I have sown some seeds for the first time as I usually buy the plants so we'll see how they work out.

Today I have been faffing about trying to put some vintagey things into the summerhouse.  This will be the first year we use it and I know how I want it to look.  So far I have only dressed one corner so have another three to do!
Many years ago a friend was taking this screen to the tip so I acquired it.  It is metal framed, extremely heavy and covered in green leatherette.  I always intended covering it so now is the impetus for me to do it.  It can be used in the summerhouse for me to store things behind.

I have also had this French coat/hat rail for ages but had nowhere in the house to put it.

I hope to be able to show you more photos in a few days.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Screen Makeover

I had a lovely 'Mothering Sunday' weekend.  Tom flew down from Leeds and Rosie drove over from the New Forest to stay.  Rosie brought me this lovely Ladybird mug

and Tom brought me his dirty washing (only joking!).

Rosie's puppy Bodhi woke us all up at 6 a.m. and I was the one who got up to him and decided it was such a beautiful morning we had a two hour walk along the beach.  He is a little sweetie and always has one ear up and the other down!

I have now done the makeover on the little screen I bought.

This is as I bought it.  I always knew it would be painted with my favourite F & B's French Gray and my original intention was to use some Kate Forman fabric but I discovered I didn't have enough.  So I bought some ticking and appliqued some vintage toile de jouey fabric onto it.  What do you think of the finished result?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Mothering Sunday

Always a stickler for correctness, my mother insisted it was called Mothering Sunday , a Christian festival, and not Mother's Day as it seems to be increasingly known.

During the sixteenth century people returned to their mother church for a service to be held on Laetare Sunday.  Anyone who did this was commonly said to have gone "a-mothering", although whether this preceded the term Mothering Sunday is unclear. In later times, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother Church, usually with their own mothers and other family members. It was often the only time that whole families could gather together, since on other days they were prevented by conflicting working hours, or, more usually, since holidays had not been invented yet, that was the only day in the year that they were allowed off. 

It was often quite difficult to find a card with the greeting of 'Happy Mothering Sunday' so it is with great sadness that this year that won't be a problem and I won't be popping a card in the post today.

Happy Mothering Sunday, Mum,  and I do miss you so terribly.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Felted bag no. 2

I have made another felted bag this time with detachable blue/black/grey flowers.  I wanted to make one to match a new dress and can change the flowers according to what I am wearing if I wish.

I have also been doing some experimenting and last evening felted antique lace onto the wool tops.  They look best with the light shining through them.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Forest

On Monday it was husband's birthday and he took the day off work (a rare occurrence!)  The weather was just stunning and we spent the day in the New Forest.  We parked at Beaulieu then walked along the river through woodland

to Buckler's Hard where many naval vessels were built in the 18th and 19th centuries.  I think this was once an old jetty.

Apparently certain parts of a tree were used for specific parts of a boat.

There are some stunning houses on the opposite side of the estuary.  I wouldn't mind living in this one.

After a lovely pub lunch and a leisurely walk back to the car we then drove to Mudeford, a picturesque fishing village.  The New Forest is renowned for its horses and ponies which roam freely throughout the area including on the roads so driving has to be slow.

I'm not sure what this man was collecting in his bucket.

There was a tiny fisherman's cottage for sale with this view - just £350K. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Newly Listed Items

Some newly listed items on the website are this red enamel billy can and matching coffee pot,

a well used French wire vegetable basket with lovely, very worn handle,

and two pretty silver brooches

I have also bought some more vintage clothes which I haven't yet listed onto the website.  I haven't previously sold clothes but have had the opportunity to buy some genuine vintage clothing recently which I couldn't resist buying.  Sadly, so far, none of it fits me!

I love this pure silk dress

which looks good with this silk jacket and pretty handbag.

I also bought this blouse from the same person.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Frog went a-courtin'

I had a couple of spectators this week when I was gardening.  I stand corrected if these are toads.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.