Sunday, 11 March 2012

Newly Listed Items

Some newly listed items on the website are this red enamel billy can and matching coffee pot,

a well used French wire vegetable basket with lovely, very worn handle,

and two pretty silver brooches

I have also bought some more vintage clothes which I haven't yet listed onto the website.  I haven't previously sold clothes but have had the opportunity to buy some genuine vintage clothing recently which I couldn't resist buying.  Sadly, so far, none of it fits me!

I love this pure silk dress

which looks good with this silk jacket and pretty handbag.

I also bought this blouse from the same person.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather. 


  1. What lovely things your have found. I especially like the Vintage clothes, the blouse is beautiful. What a shame they don't fit!

  2. I don’t think that would fit me! :0((((
    I love all of it!

    Lou xxx

  3. Oh wow, what great things, hello!! I adore the French wire basket, beautiful & no doubt, has a lot of stories, love Posie

  4. love that little girly handbag!

  5. Aw what lovely bits here Ruth. I too love the clothes. I am a dress kinda gal, but the blouse is really pretty. I have got to the age where I need comfort!! so tight clothes is a no no. Jeans and waistbands that get tighter as the day goes on, are not for me now. I do wear them occasionally but cannot wait to get them off!!!