Thursday, 24 September 2009

Loving my....

I am loving my new paisley tights. I saw a lady wearing a pair in Chichester and asked her where she had bought them as I, too, wanted a pair.

Loving my new mug found in the local Oxfam shop.

and this mug I ordered from Susan Hill's website here. It says 'She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain', a quote from Louisa May Alcott. (£7.99 plus free p&p if you are interested).

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Painting & Stripping

This last week I have spent quite some time applying and removing paint from two cupboards. The first I painted in my favourite, Farrow & Ball's 'French Grey'.

I forgot to photograph it before I painted it but this is the before

and after I distressed it.

A while ago I bought this cupboard on ebay for £25 as I thought it had 'potential'.

It took me a whole day (and two large tins of stripper) to remove all the layers of paint to reveal.......

I absolutely love it now and want to put it in our new bathroom (which is the next room to be tackled). I don't know what wood it is. It's not pine but is very heavy and stands on tiny wooden castors.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Last night's 'Red sky at night....' promised a lovely day today and it has just been gorgeous, so warm and sunny.

We had booked to have lunch at the Hotel du Vin in Winchester (where the Creme Brulee is to die for!) then spent the afternoon wandering round the shops and walking along the river.

First a prezzie for hubby in Jack Wills

then just a little one for me in here.
It's very pretty walking along the river

Then through the backstreets to the car.

Last weekend the weather was equally nice and we visited a National Trust property called The Vyne in Hampshire. It's an impressive 16th century house dating back to Henry VIII's reign. It's a real mis-match of styles as one owner of the house was a definite recycler taking bits of the house such as doors, wall hangings, fireplaces etc. from one area and utilising them somewhere else.

We've been thinking of having a summerhouse at the bottom of our garden. I'd like one like this!

After another lovely lunch in here we walked round the walled garden.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shrouded in Mystery

When I was in France I bought a piece of linen because I liked the detail and monogram at the top. I didn't know what its purpose was because of its shape (tapered at the bottom and buttonholes at both sides). I had decided it would look quite nice as a curtain on the long window in our spare bedroom ....until I asked my French cousin what he thought it was. Have you guessed? It's was obvious when he explained the shape and that the buttonholes are for tying the sides together. Yes, it's a shroud!!!! So the monogram is for the person who would be wrapped in it. But why was it for sale? Did the person not die? Intriguing. Would you still use it as a curtain, or not?

I love this maid's starched collar I bought recently

and this towel rail is just perfect for displaying some of my linens and lace.
So that's another item not going on the website.

On Monday Jane and I had a stand at Goodwood Antiques Fair. We did very well and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, meeting lots of lovely people. The only photos I have include me and they are awful so I won't be sharing them with you!

All I bought myself is a basket and a vintage scarf. I deserved a treat!