Saturday, 19 September 2009

Painting & Stripping

This last week I have spent quite some time applying and removing paint from two cupboards. The first I painted in my favourite, Farrow & Ball's 'French Grey'.

I forgot to photograph it before I painted it but this is the before

and after I distressed it.

A while ago I bought this cupboard on ebay for £25 as I thought it had 'potential'.

It took me a whole day (and two large tins of stripper) to remove all the layers of paint to reveal.......

I absolutely love it now and want to put it in our new bathroom (which is the next room to be tackled). I don't know what wood it is. It's not pine but is very heavy and stands on tiny wooden castors.


  1. Lovely work Ruth...stripping can certainly take it out of you, can't it?! ;-))
    Love the little corner cabinet and the gorgeous rose mug standing on top.
    And the soon-to-be bathroom cupboard is so much better - it looks a similar wood to our dressing table - I'm not sure what it is either!

    Thank you for your comment - I think you should have chipped in with your better offer for the hat box! I regret not doing the same with a stunning French angel one year - made from metal and just so beautifully moulded...sigh...

    Have a great week,

  2. I like what you have done with the furniture.It's very satisfying to transform something like that.I have to get cracking on some of my bits and pieces too.


  3. Hello Ruth
    What hard work but such lovely results!
    We have to get all the doors in our house strippe. They are all around 140 years old same age as our house but the previous owner stained them in a browny red kind of stain, yuk! I'd like to see them in their original state but have been told that may not be possible... Will try out one door first and see.

    I asked the owner about her website as it has been like that for the past couple of years. She says that she has not got round to doing it. Not sure if she will...
    Isabelle x

  4. wonderful cupboard! You mentioned that you don't have any fairs near you.. well have you heard about the Avington Brocante? It takes place near Winchester on the 20th October. I have all the details if you are near that one.. Lizzie x

  5. Hi Ruth
    the Brocante is at Avington Park on Oct 20th from 9.30 to 4.30, entrance £5 proceeds to Naomi house - sadly I am not doing it, but my friend Rosie is. She has gorgeous French finds on her stand. Have fun! Lizzie x