Thursday, 19 June 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I really don't have time to post as often as I would like and I feel really guilty about not commenting on people's blogs every time I read them. Life is very busy on the domestic scene what with all the decorating and trying to keep the garden tamed. We have been really busy on the website too so I'm afraid blogging is taking rather a back seat. I did contemplate taking a rest for a while (from blogging!!) but have decided to try to keep going.

The decoration in one of the living rooms is still on going and I keep changing my mind about the colour scheme and 'look' that I want. I now have almost as many Farrow & Ball matchpots as Homebase and could probably have paid a decorator with what I have spent on them! I don't have an 'After' photo yet but here are the 'Before' and 'In between' images.


When I stripped the wallpaper off the old plaster fell off too so we had to call back the plasterer who had skimmed over the artexed ceilings to come back to do the walls. He asked me to remove any loose plaster in preparation. It turned out that most of it was so I was up to the early hours pulling off chunks of wall with my wallpaper stripper (hubby managed to be away!)

This is now as far as we have got but I hope to be posting photos of the finished room very soon though the colour palette may change several times before I do!

A friend who lives just 5 minutes away has had this fire surround in her garden ever since she moved there seven years ago. She was more than willing for us to take it away as I just love its sun bleached and shabby look. We won't be using it in this room but it will definitely be used elsewhere.
Changing the subject completely I thought I would post a photo of this little workbox I did a makeover on this week. It would look great in our bedroom but I have put it on the website instead.