Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Linen Press

About a year ago I posted about this linen press I had bought. It was in need of a great deal of TLC as someone had partially painted it, some bits were missing and one of the drawers didn't fit. I bought it for a song and knew one day it could look lovely. I intended doing it up myself but I didn't know what to do as, although I love painted furniture, I really wanted to take it back to its original wood. So I sent it to a stripper and restorer and took delivery of it this week. Well, I am thrilled with the result. What do you think?

We have put it in the kitchen but I'm not sure what I will store in it yet. Originally I wanted to put it in a bedroom and use it to store my vintage linens etc. but it seems to fit so well in this alcove in the kitchen so I will probably use it for food, jars etc.

I have an assortment of these stone jars in the kitchen. I love the ones which have makers' names and places on them. These are from Helston (where I used to live in Cornwall) and Chichester (near where I live now)

and one of these is from Bradford where I was born and the large jug is stamped GPO (General Post Office for younger bloggers) from where I used to work many years ago.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Notice Board

I have been trying to smarten up the study a little and last month came across these tall red Ikea Billy book shelves for just £19.99 each so bought two. They really brighten the room up.

I also decided to make a notice board but, of course this had to be colour co-ordinated so this is my attempt and I am quite pleased with the result.

Aren't we having some glorious weather? This is the view from the cafe where I stopped for a cup of coffee whilst out walking early this morning. It was quite hazy with the promise of a very warm and sunny day.