Friday, 8 April 2011

Notice Board

I have been trying to smarten up the study a little and last month came across these tall red Ikea Billy book shelves for just £19.99 each so bought two. They really brighten the room up.

I also decided to make a notice board but, of course this had to be colour co-ordinated so this is my attempt and I am quite pleased with the result.

Aren't we having some glorious weather? This is the view from the cafe where I stopped for a cup of coffee whilst out walking early this morning. It was quite hazy with the promise of a very warm and sunny day.


  1. I love red, it really lifts the spirits.
    I have red furniture in my sitting room, and of course there's nothing quite like red lippy- and toenails in this lovely weather is there!
    When we were in New York last year I blew all my Holiday Splash Fund on a pair of red Raybans- and I'm NOT sorry!
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Red is such a joyful colour - especially accents of it like a bookshelf or an Aga - really striking :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Love the red bookcases and the noticeboard is lovely! Thanks for your comment. Just to say, re The Room - I nearly gave up, but the second half is quite interesting, with some good, ethical questions to think about. Abby x

  4. Lovely bright bookshelves and noticeboard. What a wonderful place to stop for coffee, especially when the weather has been so warm and sunny. Enjoy your weekend, Abby x

  5. I'm loving it all! I need to make a new notice board.

    PS. I forgot it was on, my Mum said about it...I might try and make that. Not that anyone in this house will try it.

    Lou xxx

  6. I absolutely love the noticeboard Mumsy! Can you make me one please, it would look lovely in the craft room! Glad you are still doing your morning walks, the weather is perfect for them at the moment!

  7. I think Ikea are great when it comes to things like that. Although I love vintage frniture, Ikea stuff has it's place! Billy bookcases are great, I have them in my new unit. love your choice of colour.
    Isabelle x

  8. I can imagine that there were a lot of people on that stall at the CL fair! x

  9. First time I've seen red bookcases - they do look good. I'm thinking even with my lack of sewing skills, I could make a notice board? I'm hoping on my cycle ride to work tomorrow, my view will be just like your sea view - absolutely glorious. I often stop in cafes for coffees too! x