Monday, 4 July 2011

Shed, Summerhouse or Studio?

Back in April we had the ultimate in flat pack delivered - hundreds of pieces of wood and thousands of screws and nails.  Rather than pay £800 to have it 'made' we deided to do it ourselves (I say we but there wasn't much input from me!).  This is it half built, viewed from my office window.

Here it is now, all finished and painted.
Now the fun starts as I plan how to furnish the interior.  I'll post photos when I have done this.

I am loving all the sweet peas in the garden at the moment and the scent from the ones I have brought indoors is gorgeous.


  1. My sweet peas are no where near picking at the moment...I have one pink flower which came yesterday...roll on a few more weeks time!
    Julie x

  2. Your summer house looks stunning, I can't wait to see what it looks like inside! I've picked loads of sweet peas this year, they're gorgeous.
    Jo xx

  3. What a lovely garden house....and your sweet peas are amazing!

  4. shed? summerhouse? chalet?
    if it was in my garden I think I'd call it HOME and move straight in!

  5. What a fabulous Summer house! Look forward to seeing the inside now.
    Hope your Mother is doing well. :0)

  6. the sweet peas alone are enought o keep one happy all season but the studio will keep new imaginings and not so imaginings coming forever. STUDIO IT IS!

  7. Hi Ruth, yes, there is plenty of tat in France at those Boot sales! Love your new summer house & looking forward to seeing the interior! Lizzie x

  8. WOW, it looks amazing! And so does your garden.

    I have missed so much, I'm so sorry to read about your mum. I hope she is on the mend now. You look after yourself too.

    I can't wait to see inside!

    Take care... Lou xxx

  9. However you name your structure, it's the ultimate. Maybe now you can have some fun just chilling. Beautiful sweet peas. x

  10. Can't wait to see more pics of summerhouse!!

  11. I still think your hare is truly gorgeous!
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I'm not a good photographer by any means, and my pictures were much more luck than judgement ;o) When I go to check out my visitor I do usually have the camera ready though.
    Have a great weekend.
    Rose H