Friday, 22 July 2011

Pretty enamel

Regular visitors to my website will have noticed how much I like enamelware by how much I have for sale.  I particularly like pretty enamelware because it seems kind of contradictory.  Enamel utensils are essentially utilitarian so to make them pretty and appealing seems strange.  Pink is an unusual colour for vintage enamel too.  Below are photos of some pink enamelware I currently have for sale

and floral enamelware which has recently sold

Do you like enamel and, if so, which is your favourite colour?


  1. I often wonder which of todays utilitarian pieces will be valued in years to come, as enamelware from the past is collected now.

    I must admit I have a soft spot for using enamel buckets.

    One of my earliest memories is of the white enamel bucket with a lid in the bathroom- guess it must've been the nappy soaking bucket- and it's not so much the sight of the bucket, but the sound of the lid being placed on top.
    A bit odd I know!

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Hi Ruth, I am always drawn to blue & green enamel.. but I do love the designs with flowers on! I have some invitations for the Talent 4 textiles event in Bath. Do let me know if you would like one? Details on the side bar on my blog. Lizzie x

  3. I love coloured enamel ware and recently regret selling my pale blue enamel jug I had had for years. I love the pink jug and the green one in your photographs. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  4. Your enamelware pitchers are really pretty!!

  5. Hi Ruth

    I love enamelware! I buy some each time I visit France.
    You have some lovely ones there.
    Isabelle x

  6. Yes I do like enamel, and would like it in whatever colour compliments the flowers inside. x

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