Friday, 27 July 2007

Favourite Things

As I see so many lovely things on other people's blogs I thought I would periodically post some of mine on here. I have had this beautiful dairy jug for as long as we have been married. I just love it especially the crude way it has been repaired. Of course this would have been done before the days of Superglue but I have seen neater rivetting. It is a lovely buttermilk colour and is very heavy when filled with liquid necessitating a handle on both sides. (I have had to put these lilies in the conservatory as the scent is so strong and hubby doesn't like it!)

This 'bust' is not antique- we bought it about 30 years ago when we were first married. I named her 'Rosie' but then I went on to have a daughter called Rosie so this one is now 'Rosie Mk 1'. I swear her expressions change from day to day!

It wasn't until quite recently that I found out that it is a copy of Rodin's sculpture of Rose Beuret.

I have photographed my next 3 favourties possessions together as this is how they are displayed on my mantlepiece. The Victorian shell purse was given to me when I was ten years old and I have always treasured it. The picture is a gold and silver embroidery of squirrels which my mother gave to me many years ago and the boy with the basket of flowers is something she had in her antique shop about 25 years ago and I just had to have. Again I love the rich creamy colour this has acquired over the years.

Sometimes I do get 'writer's block' and wonder what on earth I can write about on here so whenever this happens I can now post more of my 'favourite things'.


  1. Hi Ruth

    Might you get to Shepton soon? Love your favourite things - especially the rivets. I have a few riveted pieces. They have a special quality, don't they!

    Shame your hubby doesn't like the lilies' perfume.


  2. I love the jug but what attracted me were the lillies. Adore them! Great photo. Hi hope you and Rosie are well.

  3. I just love the jug with the flowers in front of the window. All is white and shades of green. Simply beautiful. What are the flowers? They look like what I know as "Easter lilies."

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  5. How interesting to see a pitcher riveted in that fashion - certainly more interesting than Super Glue!
    Thanks for sharing some of your favorite/much loved things around your home - they're all so lovely.