Saturday, 11 August 2007


After our picnic in the New Forest last weekend it seems to have been a picnicky sort of week. Jane (business partner and good friend) and I bought this picnic basket this week. We both love it but resisted the temptation to use it when we had a picnic and beach barbecue last night as it is now on our website. It was the last night of Cowes which is always celebrated with a firework display so we packed our things up and sat on the beach with our wine whilst the men cooked. It was lovely and such a warm evening.

I'd already been out to lunch at the pub just further along the beach at my Reader's Group meeting so the diet wasn't stuck to yesterday! I've lost 18 lbs and only want to lose a couple more but these seem to be the hardest to shift. We discussed 'Hard Times' by Dickens and 'My Cousin Rachel' by Daphne du Maurier which we'd read recently. Next we are going to read 'Gentlemen and Players' by Joanne Harris - has anyone read it?

Tomorrow is our 29th wedding anniversary so that's another picnic or pub lunch (and gained lbs) but we must make the most of this brief summer we are having while it lasts. Have a lovely Sunday probably car booting which is where most vintage bloggers will be.


  1. What a lovely picnic baske! We've been having lots of picnics too - trying to make the most of summer over here as well. Happy Anniversary, it seems that the weather is changing today so hope you're able to enjoy your day out. I love the New Forest! I looked at that Joanne Harris book the other day but ended up buying Chocolat for my daughter!
    KIM x

  2. I have read Gentleman and Players and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have blogged about it if you use the search engine on my site to see what I thought of it! Happy happy anniversary to you both

  3. Happy anniversary!! I hope that you enjoyed yourselves today.

    Picnics are an essential part of the English summertime, and I can't believe that you were able to resist the temptation to use that lovely basket!

    Victoria x

  4. Happy anniversary to you both, enjoy that anniversary meal and forget about the calories!

  5. Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more happy years together...full of picnicky sort of weeks!

  6. That looks a nifty little picnic basket there and the idea of sitting on a beach with wine while the men cook is divine.

    No haven't read that book but i've recently started reading again after having had magazine reading on the agenda for so long for work. Missed my paperback! At the moment someone's lent me Jeffrey Archer's latest. It's ok is all i'd say.

  7. *Wishing a you a happy anniversary*

    Sounds as though you had a lovely time...

    How can you part with that picnic basket! Its not very often that you find one with the bottle holders on the side, somebody will love it!


  8. Happy Anniversary! Yes the 'Ruth' on my post is you - I always enjoy your blog - hence the award.


  9. I love summer picnics! It's gotten a little too hot here in Texas - over 100 today but as soon as cooler days arrive I will have to pack a picnic ~ love that picnic basket! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary & thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!


  10. Looks like you had a wonderful picnic. What a gloroious place. Just love the pics of you & your daughter. They are surely things to treasure. Love your blog. Will visit again, hope you will come & visit me too.
    Col :-}

  11. Hi, thanks for visiting me!
    I love picnics too. I haven't read that Joanne Harris book but I do love her books.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, hope you had a lovely day!
    Alison x

  12. Lovely basket. Haven't looked to see if it's sold yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

    When we lived in Wiltshire we often went to the New Forest for the day. A lovely place to lose yourself (and the rest of the world) for a day!


  13. I've enjoyed reading your blog so much, I'm passing on the Nice Matters Award to you.

    Thank you for sharing your live and your finds and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  14. It sounds like you had a very good time and a typical girly day :) I also want to lose some punds, no, i mean 10 kilo, hihi..yepp, i have not been very good this last year. Last monday i started on my diet, it is soooo hard! I think the first few weeks are the hardest ones.Or like you say, the last few punds...
    Loved the picnic basket! A real good one..I had to laugh, you didn`t used it. It sounds like me. I buy things that are meant to be used, but i can`t because they are too pretty :) Haha
    I also loved your finds from the carbooty day. The linnen were lovely! And also the water-can.
    Take care, Aina

  15. Lovely picnic basket! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visting, if you need any help to put music on your blog just ask, I'm happy to tell you how to do it (it's really easy). And I'd like to hear your music choice!

  16. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I just love the term "car boot sales"! Wish we used it over here! I can't believe all the ones I missed while over in England when we visited more frequently... I wasn't into "vintage" much then, and now to think of all the treasures I walked right past!