Saturday, 25 July 2009

Brighton & Edward Hopper

This weekend we went to Brighton. My art group (it sounds very grand, it isn't!) had been studying Edward Hopper and there was an exhibition called the 'American Scene' at the Royal Pavilion. This is my favourite painting by Hopper.

It was very interesting and we also had a look around the museum there. I loved this art deco serviette holder
and this handkerchief vase.

Unfortunately, most of the photos I took didn't come out well because of the reflection of the glass cases. There were a lot of fashion exhibits. This dress was worn by a herb thrower at George IV's coronation.
Not a good photo but this dress was stunning.

I had some platform boots just like these but mine were maroon. I wish I'd kept them.

I had to take a photo of a Mod's scooter since were in Brighton.

We were lucky with the weather. It was a beautifully sunny day and everyone was out making the most of it.

The cafe on the beach here was called 'Oh So Social'!


  1. Hi Ruth

    A lovely sunny time in Brighton. It was when we were there the week before which was a bonus!

    I love the F&B French Grey basket in your previous post - and all the other items as well, of course!

    Thanks for your comment re the new blog.

    Sue x

  2. Oh no matter about the flash we get the idea x Great photographs love the scooter.
    It was very busy on the beach wasnt it x
    Glad you had a great weekend

  3. WOW you wore boots like that?! I don't think I could walk in them! I've never heard of Edward Hopper before but I like that painting. I will have to look out for more of his work.

    Mel xxx

  4. That vase is just gorgeous - SO unusual - I want one!

  5. What a lovely trip to Brighton.
    I think Edward Hopper's work is really interesting although I'm not sure I could live with it on my wall I think there is something so wonderful about his work, something so honest yet intriguing.
    (see look at me now I sound all posh & arty ~ this is what you get when you husband is an artist!)

  6. Hi Ruth!

    I just found your blog! What gorgeous dresses and I do LOVE the boots! It looks like you had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed the photos!

    Amy (park-avenue princess)

  7. Hi Ruth

    Do you know, I think the table might still be there. There was a rather lovely one in one of the centres. I think it was oak, although I'm really pushing my memory to its boundaries here!!!

    Charming chap from Deja-Vu. Isn't it amazing how we find through our blogs that we all know/have met the same people!

    Sue x

  8. Hello Ruth
    Lovely painting, I agree.I also like Ground Swell & The Long Leg by Edward Hopper. I used to have a print of Ground Swell in my house for years but cannot think of what has happened to it!
    What a great weekend!
    Isabelle x

  9. Happy Anniversary for yesterday! Wow, 31 years is amazing. Shame about the football matches though!

    Mel xxx

  10. looks like a super day out! I do love both dresses but the skirt on that second dress is incredible!

  11. Hi Ruth
    I didn't realise the Western morning news travelled so far!
    Very excited about the Dairy house as you might imagine.
    Lizzie x

    PS Love that Hopper picture.. its really is wonderful & not one I had seen before!

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