Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas Lights

I leave these Ikea lights out all year round as I like them so much. The heart shaped one is hard to find as they sell out really quickly. I thought I would look on ebay for a friend who wanted one and shock, horror, the last three sold for £36, £45 and £102!! Considering they cost approx £16 this is amazing!!
Last week I went to London with a friend. Harrods had fake snow blowing off from the top of the building.
It was really busy (of course). This is the food hall.
We had reserved a table for lunch in Harvey Nicholls as it was more of a day out than a shopping trip for us. The meal was delicious - we had Pate, then Butternut Squash Risotto and one of the best Pinot Grigios I have ever tasted. The whole experience was wonderful and I shall definitely go again.
The day after I went to visit my friend Lianne who has recently opened a unit at a craft centre near Andover in Hampshire. She owns a company called Fabricraft and she is able to run her business and sell her lovely items in this shop. I bought some pretty materials from her.

This weekend I have been busy lining wicker baskets. Here is one I lined with Laura Ashley material.


  1. What a lovely weekend , Harrods and Harvey Nicks are fab shops to visit,I love the terrace in harvey's for coffe, but a bit cold at this time of the year, if you manage another visit try Carnaby Street, great shops all so chic and unusual,glad you stopped by my blog, thanks for your coments...Yes it will be an expensive year 2009,looking for tents as we speak
    thanks again. beeswax..Kath!!!

  2. Oooh gosh you've brought back lots of memories there of Christmas at Harvey Nick's and Harrods! I posted a few days ago about going there when little, and to Selfridges to see Mr. Holly. Ah the memories. Wonderful photos!

  3. The love heart lights are lovely no wonder you don't put them away.the fake snow sounds dreamy i would have loved to have seen that and your meal sounds yummy and well worth the visit.
    Your basket looks wonderful are they for presents?
    Kristina XxX

  4. Hello Mumsy- new year, new blog!
    Doesn't it look swish?
    I am going to write every day so I become more interesting!
    Wishing crimbo was sooner so I could come home.
    Rosie xxx

  5. Sound like a fab day out. I bet Ikea have sold out again, I'll have to look out for them (or maybe I should be saving them to sell on Ebay!)
    Your basket looks very pretty.

  6. I was beginning to wonder what you were up to as no posts for a while, now I know, having a lovely time in London. I would love one of those illuminated hearts, although I wouldn't really want to pay a lot more than the retail price, ebay is just crazy sometimes, do you think the people who put these sorts of bids on, don't know what they sold for originally? I love that lined wicker basket, I have many baskets, I wish I could be clever and do that. x

  7. You are so brave to visit the West End this time of year!
    I love love love your Ikea lights, I would not put them away either.
    I will have a go at lining my baskets..........your one looks so nice.
    Have a great weekend,
    Carol xx

  8. What a lovely weekend....we almost felt a snowflake off the top of Harrod's. And those lights.yummy!!
    Merry Christmas blessings to you!

    kari & kijsa

  9. What a super day you had. The food sounds yummy, and your friend's shop looks interesting. Amazing prices on the Ikea lights.

    The photos of Dairy House are all other peoples' stock. I didn't take any of mine this time. Everything you see is for sale although I don't know the prices offhand.


  10. Harrods at Christmas! My last trip to London was at Christmastime. =) I bought some ornaments from Harrods to take home as souveiners for our tree... lo and behold, when I got back to the states, I saw the "Made in China" tags on the bottom of the ornaments! lol Oh well, I still BOUGHT them at Harrods! I love the way London decorates for the holidays! =)

    Your lined basket is just lovely!