Sunday, 15 November 2009

High Days, Holiday and a Birthday

Well, you may have noticed I haven't been blogging for AGES. But I am back!

High Days - a visit to the National Trust Hardwick Hall whilst visiting friends who live in Leicestershire. This is the new hall which Bess had built in 1590
having only lived in the old hall for a few years. This is now a ruin but you are still able to walk up to the top.

Holiday - We recently returned from a week's holiday in Madeira. What a wonderful place! Everyone we knew who had been there said how much they had enjoyed it. We did too! One day we took a minibus right to the top of the mountains.As you can imagine the views are spectacular. We were certainly a long way up!

The weather was perfect. It was lovely to be back into summer clothes. This was taken on the morning we left to come home, back to such dreadful weather.

Birthday - Yes, another birthday has been and gone. My daughter surprised me with a day out in London, lunch in a very nice restaurant, then tickets to the Royal Albert Hall to see Gilbert O'Sullivan who I have loved for many, many years and I didn't even know he still did tours. (For you younger readers, he sang 'Alone Again Naturally'). We had a fantastic view from one of the boxes.

I have always love the perfume 'Diorissimo' ever since someone gave me some 40 years ago!

With some birthday money I decided to buy some perfume but this time to have a change. However, having tried about 20 different ones in John Lewis I came away with my old favourite, I just love it more than any other. Do you have a favourite scent?


  1. Diorissimo is a favorite of mine too! I also love Amarige by Givenchy.

  2. 'Diorissimo' is wonderful isn't it?
    I am also thrilled that you can now get 'Diorella' again as it was one of the first 'grown-up' (ie not 'Charlie'!) fragrances I ever wore. I was a bit wary when I tried it again after all these years (over 30) but thankfully it still works on me so it is on my Christmas list!
    Love the pictures on your blog by the way!

  3. Is Diorissimo the scent which smells of lily of the valley? When I was a youngster my Mum introduced me to 'good' scents, such as Miss Dior and Arpege (Lanvin), and 'good' soap such as Cyclax Skin Soap (no longer made, sadly!) I recall that around the time Diorissimo was launched there was another Dior scent called Diorama, too, but that must've long been discontinued ... I do recall that one of them smelt of lily of the valley and I wondered which one it was? Of course, I coul dbe wrong, and as Minervamouse says, it might've been Diorella that I'm mistaking for Diorama! But the 1950s are a Very Long Time Ago! One of my all time faves, though, is Hermes' Caleche.

  4. I like Nina Ricci.
    And (completely off the subject) not that I've been obsessing about Christmas since October, but do you know any good places to get antique or vintage Christmas tree ornaments? I figured you'd be the person to ask!

  5. Sounds like you've been having a good time! A winter holiday seems like a wonderful idea.

    I can't change from the perfume Allure by Chanel. I first started wearing it when I was 16 and it seems like part of me now!

    Mel xxx

  6. sounds as if you have had some real treats! Sad that you missed the HM&V fair. It was super. Lizzie x
    PS how is the antique centre going?

  7. Just to let you know that I can only access your blog by first going to and then looking for Oh So Victorian on the left and hitting that to bring up your blog. If I put into the computer, I get some quite different page from yours, a sort of financial page which I do not want. I wonder if other people have had this problem?
    Margaret P

  8. Hello Ruth

    Happy belated birthday! You have had a wonderful time with holiday to Madeira and various outings. My parents went to Madeira several years ago and really liked it.
    I haven't been to London for ages and really look forward to going there to do some shopping in Liberty as well as some of the antique markets...
    My favourite scent is 31 Rue Gambon by Chanel. The m ost I have ever spent on a scent but worth every penny. A little goes a long way.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  9. Love the history of Hardwick Hall and read they have a magnificent herb garden there. It's amazing to think of it being just a ruin. We have been to Madeira, it is a beautiful island, and if memory serves me right, it's a bit scary coming in to land on the plane? I don't have a favourite perfume, infact there's now so many I always feel overwhelmed when choosing. I used to wear Tresor by Lancome in my younger days. x

  10. Hi Ruth, have since heard that there is no BBC costume dept, so have amended my blog! Sorry to hear about the Packhouse, i spend a lot of time on the road so I know the feeling! Just off to see Sue at the Dairy House! lizzie x

  11. Oohhh it sounds like you have been having lots of fun!
    A holiday in a hot place just perfect!
    *Happy Birthday* too, sounds like you had a perfect day.
    lots of love

  12. Hi Ruth

    Belated birthday greetings!

    There are only certain perfumes I can wear - others either make me itch or give me an almost immediate headache. Worths Je Reviens has been the one I've worn the most over 40+ years, but I've been able to use Clarins Eau Dynamisante over the last couple of years.

    Sue x

  13. Like Ruth, I adore Je Reviens! I can even recall when I first smelt this delightful scent although it is slightly different now, perhaps owing to much more chemicals being used in scent production, than in 1956. I went to tea with a friend who lived in an elegant early Victorian house (but in Georgian style) one of 15 (in three blocks of 5) surrounded by it's own park. She was just a little older than me, and she had her own scent which was Je Reviens and she kindly allowed me to use it. Whenever I smell this scent it brings instantly to mind that summer's day in 1956, with tea on the terrace and bees humming in the roses ... ahhh!!!

  14. Your blog is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. I'll continue to visit now I've found it.
    All the very best,