Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Due to a lack of any inspiration for a post I thought I would just take a few photos of some things in my home.

I bought this new about 25 years ago and still love it. When you take off the cover it reveals the pig in bed with the couple.

This hand is my husband's first attempt at making anything at the ceramics class we attend. I thought it would make a good soap dish in the new bathroom.

The loaf of bread in this photo is actually a money box.

I made this lamp a while ago by covering a lampshade and painting and distressing an old wooden lamp base.

This statue was bought about 30 years ago; I think I paid about £2 for him and he is one of my favourite possessions. The shoes were a more recent acquisition.

I bought this picture round about the same time. It is embroidered with gold and silver wire.

The theme of squirrels is echoed in this embroidered fire screen.

I particularly like this art deco vase my godmother gave me many years ago and it looks lovely with a night light inside it.

These two pieces of copper are in the kitchen. The top one is an escargot pan which I bought in France about 5 years ago. It was very black and I didn't know what it was when I bought it.

I love this mirror I bought from an antiques shop which was closing down about 3 years ago.

I thik this will do for now!


  1. Hello Ruth

    It sounds as if you are feeling as I am at the moment! Lovely things in your home.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. Hi Ruth

    Lovely to see you and Jane yesterday. Do hope you'll manage to get to the DH textile fair.

    Gorgeous photos of your home.

    Sue x

  3. Thats a good idea for when I don't have a notion what to blog about - only to be organised (and tidy) enough to go and take photos!! Love your copper pans and the jelly mould

  4. thank you for sharing such lovely things in your home. Thank you for your blog comment, Shepton weekend was good.. if a little chilly! xx

  5. That hands good! I like all your bits 'n bobs. They all have such style. My Dad was a pig breeder. The couple in bed could be my parents, before they got divorced that is! x

  6. Just popped by to say hello!!! What a lovely home you have!!

  7. That is one helluva is huge!! Gorgeous with it though.

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