Sunday, 9 May 2010

Look what's under the carpet

On Friday I went shopping for the website but as per usual came home with things for myself instead! I bought this vintage enamel bowl and cushions as they go perfectly in my kitchen. I also bought an old metal washstand and some herbs.

I can't decide whether to use this in the kitchen as a herb 'garden' or in a bathroom.

The shop I bought these from has a lovely cafe too.

I have spent much of the weekend painting the bedroom and was delighted to find this hearth underneath the awful carpet. How could anyone cover these pretty tiles with an orange carpet?


  1. Oohh that stand is very pretty, looks lovely either way.
    The tea shop looks adorable & those tiles, ooohh they are quite the find aren't they!

  2. Hi I have just discovered your great blog and will follow it.
    Those tiles are lovely !
    Best wishes

  3. I can see why you would want to keep those beautiful items. They are really lovely!

    I like the look of that tea shop and how it is decorated.

    We have an old house and some old features were hidden way or replaced by horrible modern things instead. What were the previous owners thinking of! That's why the work in our house is taking so long, so much to do to return to how it should be! Your tiles are beautiful, fancy someone hiding them...
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  4. Lovely finds but your tiles are an even better find!
    I like the patchworked wallpaper in the cafe too.


  5. What beautiful tiles. They are a real hidden treasure. Kim :)

  6. Ruth, those tiles are such a great discovery! Did you have an inklin, or was it a total surprise? I think you may have to find another washstand. I cannot make up my mind what it is best used for! x

  7. Isn't it such a bonus to find some original features that haven't been ripped out of an old house. We live in a Victorian house but there was very little left of the original.. all cork tiles and double glazing when we moved in, even the lovely barley twist banisters were boarded up!
    Lovely wash stand.. lovely shop !

    Michele x

  8. The tiles are a fabulous find!! Wow!

    I love your finds and I'd keep them, too. Love the look of the stand as a wash stand!

    :) Becky