Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lloyd Loom & Bedroom Makeover


and after......
I painted the chair with Farrow & Ball's 'Light Blue' which I had used in the spare bedroom above the coving. I haven't finished the cushion yet but this Kate Forman fabric is perfect for the pink and blue theme in the bedroom.

The bedroom is more or less finished. I took my inspiration from all the lovely blossom we had a few months ago and an eiderdown I already had so decided to have mostly pink and blue in there. The walls were painted in F & B's 'Dimity' which I think has a pinky tinge to it (husband said it looked like Magnolia!). I painted the floorboards white (4 coats!) and added 2 rugs we already had plus a new one. The blinds are off white and I added paper flowers to the tabs on the cream Ikea curtains.

The fireplace came from a salvage yard and I painted it white, whilst the hearth tiles were already there (underneath an old carpet). The what-not in the corner was painted in F & B's French Grey and is ideal to display some of my commerative china from Porthleven. The pink floor lamp was a bargain from Ikea at £9.99.

It's a very light and sunny room and I am really pleased with the result.


  1. It does look very pretty, very country home, looks like photos from the magazine.

  2. oh, so lovely!
    I agree with Lyn, it looks like a magazine shoot- I half expected to see "what-not, stylists own"

    Love love love the colours and've got me thinking...married to a painter and decorator...perhaps I should start dropping some hints about our bedroom badly in need to an update?

  3. It's a beautiful bedroom. I'm in the process of painting the sleepout to be my daughter's bedroom and I wanted to paint the floorboards white too.
    What sort of paint did you use? Is there any sort of special preparation I need to do? Have you got any hints? Is it easy to keep clean? Sorry, so many questions!

  4. Beautiful! Those fireplace tiles are divine as well...I'd love a fireplace like that!

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  6. It'a all so gorgeous!!! Well done : ) x

    Sharon xx