Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I can hardly believe I didn't write any posts during August; where did that month go? Here we are in September already and on our way to Autumn.

I finished the Lloyd Loom chair by recovering the cushion with a Kate Forman fabric which was perfect. I also bought a Victorian crib recently which looks lovely in the same bedroom.

I made this corsage yesterday. I had seen the instructions on someone's blog ages ago but can't remember whose it was so apologies for not being able to name them and credit them with the idea.

Last month we had a week's holiday in Brittany. Unfortunately we picked our holiday to coincide with France's so a lot of places were closed and I wasn't able to buy as much for the website as I had hoped.

This is Rennes. I love the way the second house looks as though it has slipped down!

And this is Dinan (on a very cold and wet day)

where I stumbled across this pretty little shop selling vintage fabrics, buttons and all kinds of vintage haberdashery. I had a long chat with the owner (who, of course, spoke perfect English). You can view the lady's website here

I will leave you with Neil Diamond singing 'September Morn', one of my favourite songs.


  1. What a lovely crib.
    Those buildings are very pretty so picturesque.
    must take a look at that website.

  2. What beautiful buildings. I also love your chair, it looks fabulous.

  3. Beautiful make-overs. I would really like to visit Dinan again, and Rennes. I visited when I was thirteen, on a school trip. Of course at that age I was more interested in the boys than the buildings! They're fantastic. The 'slipped' building is a great observation, it really does! It's most disappointing you were unable to buy for your website though. x

  4. Hi
    Gorgeous Lloyd Loom chair, I love Kate Formans fabrics. The crib is also gorgeous.
    Jo xx

  5. Love that baby's sits beautifully on your white painted boards.
    Julie x