Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Past Sewing Projects

I have been emptying a large coffer we have so that I can move it to paint a floor. It contains things like old baby clothes that I can't bear to part with, curtains I still like but don't fit any of my windows, dresses I used to wear to balls which I will never have occasion to wear again (nor be able to fit into!) etc. etc. Lots of memories in this piece of furniture.

I used to do a lot more sewing than I do now and came across all these tapestry cushions I have worked. What a shame they have been relegated to the chest. The first one I sewed was the tulips one. I was heavily pregnant and remember sewing this sitting in the garden in the summer of 1984.

The cross stitch was worked in 1993 and I have recently re-found this and hung it on the wall. I wonder where this will end up in years to come! In an auction house perhaps and the buyer wondering who R D T was and whether she lived by the motto 'Not to spend my time for naught'!
My daughter has moved further away from me (geographically I hasten to add) this week and has set up home with her boyfriend, a new chapter in her life. Lots of memories came flooding back as I removed these clothes I made for her from the chest. I used to enjoy knitting but haven't done any for many, many years. The fairisle coat and bonnet were worked in 2 ply wool and the Guernsey was also worked in a fine yarn.

Back in the days when we used to go to naval balls you just couldn't buy gowns in the shops, or if you could they were very expensive so I went on a dressmaking course to learn how to make them with all the boning in the bodice etc.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I have just finished painting the dining room floor this evening so will post photos later in the week. I am considering painting a stencil around the edges too so will see how that looks.


  1. I very much like your cross-stitch sampler. You must keep it up on the wall. I cannot see you ever parting with the little coat with Rosie on. It's so sweet. x

  2. oh what treasures these sweaters are. i have downloaded them for inspiration.