Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I can't have biscuits in the house whilst I am trying to lose weight so when I was photographing this biscuit barrel for the website I had to improvise.  I actually think it looks really nice with flowers or these shells in it and would look lovely in a bathroom.

I always seem to come back from the beach with pretty shells in my pockets so we have quite a collection (not these ones though).

I bought this Victorian shell purse when I was 10 (many years ago) and have treasured it ever since.


I have a new friend who has been following me all round the garden this week.  This female blackbird is so tame (though a little camera shy) and every time I have found a worm I have given it to her as she is feeding chicks.  As soon as I walk into the garden she appears.



  1. LOVE the shell purse - amazing! And what a pretty biscuit barrel too - far better with low calorie shells in it! Abby x

  2. Such a great idea, the flowers and shells look so pretty and are much better for the waistline too!
    The shell purse is beautiful and very special, no wonder you have kept it safe over the years.
    Abby x

  3. I love your shell purse, I don't think I have ever seen one before. The biscuit barrel looks lovely, very pretty with either shells or flowers in it.
    Jo xx

  4. Thanks for your comment. The plant is Alchemilla Mollis - I love it because of the way water drops sit on the leaves and its useful in flower arrangements - but it can spread if you don't keep an eye on it! Abby x

  5. So pleased to finally see a photo of Mrs Blackbird after having heard so much about her! Since we have been digging this weekend I have seen a couple of blackbirds in the garden - they must know we uncovered a few worms! I hope they don't pinch all of them though as the worms are doing a good job preparing my vegetable patch for me :)
    Love the biscuit barrel with the shells in - would be perfect in a nautical themed bathroom.

  6. Shells are fascinating, I have just started collecting them and love your ideas on how to present them - wow!

  7. Great idea for the barrel! I can just imagine my son's face as he reached for a biccy and found only shells...he's got hollow legs you see and always starving! I love the shell purse, what a treasure.

  8. Really lovely biscuit barrel and the shell purse is beautiful. The blackbird is absolutely charming, i loved reading about her...

  9. Such a pretty little shell purse, and I'd imagine becoming quite delicate with age. It's always a pleasure to have the company of a blackbird around the garden. x