Monday, 19 November 2012


There's not much blogging going on in the Oh SoVintage household at the moment!  But just so that you don't forget about me I thought I would share some of my favourite fashion photos from Pinterest.  Are you like me and totally addicted to it?  Once I am on Pinterest all sense of time goes out of the window and I am lost in all the beautiful images I find on there.

What strikes me is how many times I see the same image and so it obviously appeals to such a lot of people.
For instance I come across these pictures again and again so is this what we would all like to dress like I wonder?

sweater + white dress + tights + boots


Shirt is from H&M and shoes are pinky rose from

my style

Well I certainly wouldn't mind looking ;like any of these ladies!  One of my favourite items of clothing on Pinterest is this Noa Noa dress which would not suit me but I just love it.  

Noa noa

I do like their clothing and am disappointed we don't have a Noa Noa store near me.  Recently I visited their store in Cirencester and bought this dress but haven't had occasion to wear it yet.

Another great thing about Pinterest is finding so many good ideas.  This photo has a tutorial about making wrist warmers from old socks and lace.  I intend to have a go at this so will post some photos if it is successful.
Fabulous Wrist Warmers


  1. Oh I am a Pinterest addict! :) the wrist warmers look GoRgEoUs!
    Victoria xx

  2. I have just recently started pinning, but I enjoy it very much! It's a great way to forget everything that happens around you. Pure escapism!

    Love your pins!

    Madelief x

  3. I love the images have found. I love pinterest too but don't have much free time to go on it, so it's nice to see some images from it on blogs too.
    Sarah x

  4. I look at pinterest too - often for decorating ideas, but haven't joined yet. So little time!

  5. I wouldn't dare join Pinterest as I would never get anything done...far too distracting. It is bad enough catching up with my blogging.
    As Nilly little time!
    Do days get shorter as you get older?
    Julie x