Sunday, 14 April 2013

Week's Round Up

Well my plans for getting out in the garden last week have had to be put on hold.  It's either too blooming cold or now a wet weekend.  I've not really tried planting seeds before but am pleased with my efforts at growing Coriander,


 Peppers (or were they Chillis?)

and Sweet Peas

so far.

A friend who is a ceramicist had organised an exhibition in Chichester this week so I went along to have a look.  I love the colours in this torso; the puffin was made by another friend.

Raku by another friend.  (I have also tried this)

These life size sheep would look lovely in a garden.

Quick interval for lunch here - Nigel Slater's 'Mozzarella with Basil Crust'.

It is delicious and, to me, nothing is more redolent of Summer than the fragrance of Basil.  Yes, we will be eating in the sunshine in the garden sometime this year!

A shopping trip to some outlet shops near us resulted in my saving £188 on these two pairs of Crew and Timberland boots.  Bargains, and it is still the weather to wear boots too!

Surely we will have some warmer weather next week.


  1. Your ahead of me! Your herbs look promising. I still have to sow. Hopefully next week. The exhibition looks good. I like your friends work.

    Crossing my fingers for warmer weather!

    Madelief x

  2. Let some of your coriander go to seed for marvellous and long lasting cut flowers....very pretty!

  3. What a nice post - full of things I love! Love the boots - esp the low ones. That meal looks delicious - I'm vegetarian and that looks like my ideal food. And the exhibition looks great - the torso is fabulous. Your seeds look v healthy - well done. We're going away tomorrow for a week - hope daughter remembers to look after my seedlings! Have a good week. Abby x

  4. I must get sowing some seeds! Your lunch looks so tasty! :) x

  5. I'd love one of those sheep! (Even better if it could nibble the grass...)

  6. OMG - nice pots but the food! I quite agree about the scent of a basil leaf crushed between the fingers. Instant summer. And with tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil - a match made in heaven. Come on summer!

    So amused by your Spring purchase of boots as I've just done the same on a Land's End bargain sale for my next winter's warm and waterproof boots.

  7. Well done with your success in growing seedlings! I havent even tried this year as the weather has been so poor and my greenhouse missing too many panes of glass.
    Wonderful pots, looks an interesting exhibition.
    Love your boots, a good time to buy.
    Food looks yummy and summery - just add sun!
    Hope the weather improves for you, we actually had the first hot day of the year yesterday, and not too bad this morning either - but rain due later.
    Have a good week Ruth
    Gill xx

  8. Lots of nice things to look at in this post! Your seeds are really doing well, looking forward to seeing the Sweet Peas out in the garden as they will be lovely. Like both pairs of boots too, particularly the second pair xxx

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  9. Oohhh lots of lovely things here in this post.
    The food looks delicious! I'm such a huge fan of basil & always have some on the kitchen window sill.
    p.s I'm having a little giveaway on the blog if you want to pop by & join in!

  10. I am impressed with your seeds coming up. I haven't tried sewing anything yet! I liked the exhibition you visited! I hate not having fresh basil in the house your recipe looks delicious.
    Sarah x