Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Bottom of the Ironing Basket

It's amazing what you find at the bottom of the ironing basket.  I am one of those women who never clears the basket.  I am not going to spend time ironing items that I may or may not ever use or wear again but that I'm not prepared to part with, so they may linger at the TBOTIB for a long while!  Goodness knows how long ago it was that my mother found this beautiful antique cloth/bed cover to sell on the website but I wanted to keep.  There it was lurking at the bottom all crumpled and forgotten but now hanging as a curtain in one of the bedrooms.

This room was my office until I bought this single bed which we didn't need but I just had to have, so it had to go in the smallest room which is now another spare room and my sewing room.  I also resurrected a ginger coloured wood (my pet hate) curtain pole which we had taken down, painted it with grey emulsion (Dulux worked perfectly well) and waxed it.  I have never used clips before but these are great for no sewing and I just folded over the top deep hem to create a 'ruffled' top.  Hey presto, a complete new window makeover all for the price of the clips.

(I also found a pair of white linen trousers I'd forgotten about but, sad to say, I must have been considerably lighter when they first went into the TBOTIB).

Have you ever found something you'd forgotten about in the ironing pile?


  1. We have just bought one of those all singing all dancing fancy steam irons that sit on the big water tank and I suddenly have the urge to do some ironing! We have a massive wicker basket of things long forgotten that need ironing so I am summoning the courage to look through it all. I am sure the love affair with my new iron is simply a passing one and the novelty will wear off. I love the curtain and that gorgeous bed, I can see why you had to have it.
    Jo xx

  2. I have been known to put things back into the washing basket in a bid to empty the ironing basket..... They have sat there so long that they need refreshing again in the washer!
    I detest ironing....
    Julie x

  3. Exactly like you it's a mixture of antique finds, much-loved old clothes that I can't be bothered to iron but won't resurrect just yet and single duvet covers (youngest son has moved out - temporarily, perhaps...)

  4. I never reach the bottom either - every day washing is turned over almost daily, but at the bottom goodness what, but no treasures such as your lovely linen I fear - only an odd assortment of out of favour stuff that could probably go to the Charity shop!

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