Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Poison Ring

I had forgotten all about this ring. My father bought it for me a long time ago as he knew I liked silver. He hadn't realised that it is actually a poison ring as the side is hinged to reveal a secret place to place any poison! Just open the ring and tip it into a drink, just like you 've seen it in old films! Apparently it is Mexican. I've never come across one before or since and wonder if it was ever used!!!!!

(Short posts at the moment as I am still packing...... 4 days till removal day!


  1. the homely year16 April 2008 at 19:31

    That's an amazing ring. I thought they were just a fictional item in spy and crime novels.
    About your previous blog, I have to admit that I also left our baby in a pram outside a shop and walked off down the street without him. Oh the guilt...what a terrible mother! I did remember him eventually and he was still there thank goodness.
    Margaret (and Noreen)

  2. Oh how lovely, I used to be facinated with these rings when I was younger!
    Love Alison x

  3. Gosh almighty my mother has one of these, it has a turquoise stone set in it and I always wondered what it was for. Well now I know..

  4. Great ring, I haven't ever come across a poison ring. I wonder who it has been used on? x

  5. What a wonderful ring, in a very macabre kind of way! I expect you've moved by now, hope it all went smoothly for you, looking forward to hearing all about it

  6. The ring is wonderful, I would have thought it was for snuff or something tamer than poison. Imagine it could well be evidence in some long forgotten case!

  7. oooh how intriguing!
    Love Kristina x

  8. What a great ring. I would fit a couple of Anadin in there! just in case the headache started!
    You could have it checked out for Traces I guess, but then maybe it is best not to know if it was used!
    Still a lovely ring though.

  9. I used to live in Mexico and my father also bought me a poison ring it had a purple (my favourite colour) stone in the centre of a high dome...once when my pal Patience and I were flying from upstate new york, via O'hare to mexico city, we put sugar in it..thinking we were clever...yeah right. I shudder to think what could have happened to us...duh..we were just 16 and flyng alone...having fun...

    thanks for bringing back the memory of that forgotton ring from my Pa! It got stolen in a burglary, from which l lost all my precious pieces valuable or not.