Sunday, 11 October 2009

Books Old & New

Amazon have sent me two parcels this week. I just love receiving new books. The first, 'Howard's End is on the Landing' is by Susan Hill and I read about it on dovegreyreader's blog. Susan writes about her year-long voyage through her books, forsaking new purchases in order to get to know her own collection again.

Two of the next three books have been bought after reading about them on other people's blogs too. Several bloggers have raved about 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' and Overdue's comments about 'The Post Office Girl' inspired me to order this too.

One book I treasure is an 1896 edition of 'Pride and Prejudice' which my mother gave me many years ago. The illustrations are delightful and the pages have originally been 'uncut' - the reader would have had to cut them open before the book could be read.

On a completely different note, this sign has recently been erected near where my daughter lives. How could Southampton City Council not have noticed their mistake?!


  1. There is nothing more delicious than turning the pages of a new book..
    It beggars belief how that road sign could have been produced without anyone noticing the spelling mistake.. Illiteracy is all too prevalent in our society today.

    Hope I spelt that right!

    Michele x

  2. Aaah! Books! I love them all - I would love to have an old fashioned library like they would have had in big country houses - you'd never get me out!


  3. Oh I just love books, I love everyting about them especially old books. How lucky you are to have been given that wonderful book.
    *eek* isn't that sign absolutely terrible! I wonder how long it takes for them to notice & replace it!

  4. Isn't that cover just gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did and Susan Hill will be in the virtual armchair answering a few dgr asks... questions later this week.

  5. Your Jane Austen is just wonderful,I'm feeling rather jealous!

  6. Is that the Pride and Prejudice with peacock cover?! I have wanted that for years and it sells for over £200 so it is but a distant dream!

    What a lucky find! You must have a very eagle eye.

    Just discovered your blog and I love it!

  7. Just realised my lucky find comment applies to your most recent post about the mannequin, not to this post!

    And I just got Howard's End is On the Landing too - I can't wait to read it!

  8. Oh my, that signpost is unbelievable. It sure does begger belief that no one noticed it was spelt wrong. My guess is that they did notice it but hoped no one else would!! We have a board here in Hastings, down on the sea front with calender dates for high tides and stuff going on throughout the year. Well, according to Hastings County Council, there are 31 days in September!!! Haha. How much do these buffoons get paid!!!!