Friday, 30 September 2011


This weekend we will be scattering Mum's ashes where she requested in north Cornwall. 

I thought I would post some photos of Mullion in south Cornwall where she once had an antiques shop.  These photos were taken the evening before her funeral earlier this month.


  1. What a beautiful place. I hope this weekend is filled with happy memories of your mum.

  2. I stayed in Mullion about 20 years ago. I had the most wonderful holiday there and will never forget how beautiful it was. The sun shone every day for two weeks, it was glorious. I can understand why your Mum would want her ashes scattered in Cornwall. My thoughts will be with you this weekend. Abby xx

    ps.Thanks for the comments on my post, so glad the sheep made you smile. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the warm weather to hold for your holiday in Northumberland :)

  3. What dreamy pictures of a stunningly beautiful place. I can understand why your Mum loved it.


  4. oh, she couldn't have picked a better place. my memories of cornwall are by far the best of my childhood when my father and mother would rent a darling cottage in cadgwith. i yearn to return, especially now that i have befriended carolyn saxby online who is a lovely artist in st. ives.
    all my love to you. both our mother's chose to be close to the ocean.