Sunday, 25 September 2011


This week I have been enjoying some treats.  On Tuesday I had a day out with my daughter and she treated me to afternoon tea at the Chichester Harbour Hotel.  After a glass of Prosecco we had dainty sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and jam followed by a variety of tiny homemade cakes.  We had already spent the afternoon scouring a salvage yard and lovely shops in Christchurch and it was such a lovely day together. 

Then on Thursday I went out to lunch and a shopping trip with a friend.  We have an outlet shopping place in Portsmouth and I found a skirt I had previously tried on in White Stuff, reduced from £49.95 to £19 and these amazing (well, I think so) Radley shoes reduced from £150 to £44.  They are actually half a size smaller than I usually take and I don't think I could wear them for long periods but I just had to have them!  My friend said I shouldn't buy them if they weren't comfortable but that didn't come into it; they just had to come home with me!

It rather reminded me of the clever Edward Monkton card.


  1. You are a woman after my own heart I would have bought those shoes too!!!! uncomfortable and all.

  2. How lovely to be treated to afternoon tea. It's something we don't have here in Norway, so, I just loved seeing your photo and remembering.....


  3. What a lovely treat from your daughter. The picture of the cake stand full of goodies looks mouth watering!
    I also would have squeezed my feet into a lovely pair of shoes for that price, I am sure they will give a bit with wear anyway ;)
    Warm sunny weather is forecast here for the start of October. I really hope it stays that way for your holiday.
    Abby xx

  4. Have so enjoyed your blog - this one is so funny and those a while ago about your mum, so touching. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. They sound like fab days out - I have difficulty persuading husband and teenage son that perusing the shops is ever done for pleasure! Great shoes - I'm sure they'll ease with wear. I have "The Beautiful Frock" card framed in my work room - always makes me smile.

  6. how very posh, afternoon tea and bargain shopping!

  7. I love the Chichester Harbour Hotel and have blogged about taking my mother there for fun and for birthdays. Their afternoon tea is well worth comparison with the London hotels and you have the bonus of the pretty sea view. And yes I would also have bought those fab shoes but nowadays run straight round to Shuropody for a comfortable insert.

  8. Those shoes are rather fabulous! x

  9. Hello Ruth,
    I am so sorry to read your sad news, sending lots of hugs & xxxxx your way.

    I'm loving those shoes! :0)

    Lou xxx

  10. Found this post at last from tracking back after your recent comment on my 'French Rugby Calendar' post. I knew that someone else I followed had posted about the Chichester Harbour Hotel where we occasionally take my elderly mother for treats. We love the place, so beautifully sited on the shore at Mudeford. And the afternoon tea is deliciously good value as well!