Friday, 18 November 2011

My Haven

I recently hosted a give away for an enamel sign from Ramsign and someone told me they were disappointed they couldn't enter as their house didn't have a number, which was a shame. We have both here. Our house was built in the 1890s and has always been called 'The Haven' which I think is a lovely name for a home. It is certainly my haven as I love my home and whenever I am away from it I can't wait to return.

We recently bought some rusty letters and have mounted these above the inside of the front door.  We have also had a new wooden front door and window fitted as the previous owners had installed a upvc door which was totally out of keeping with this house.  I have painted the inside but still have the outside and the porch to paint.  Then the floor tiles outside the door are all wrong, especially the colour and we could do with a better number sign (though, of course I couldn't enter the competition).

I also bought the EAT letters which are in the kitchen

though I never need reminding to eat especially where these blueberry muffins, baked yesterday, are concerned.

We have also been adding some new things (new to us) on the wall in the hall.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


  1. I love your "haven" - The front of the house is so cute.

  2. Perfect name for your home ... I was lucky to win a Ramsign giveaway on another blog and I am eagerly awaiting delivery .... Must say they were very efficient in getting in touch and communication was brilliant x

  3. What a perfect name for your house and don't we all find a safe haven at home.

    I love the letters in your kitchen and you could always change them about from time to time: EAT ATE TEA.


  4. what a lovely porch perfect for a Christmas tree :)

  5. I would love a porch like that!

    Lou xxx

  6. I also LOVE your haven.....that mirror!

  7. Hi Ruth,
    Haven is a beautiful name for your home and i love your door and window its going to look wonderful when its painted.

  8. It's looking so lovely, very jealous of those blueberry muffins too, which looks very yummy! Pop one in the post for me will you? ;) xxx